A condition of fluid flow, such as water or air current moving contrary to the main current, which affects the construction of HVAC or plumbing systems.

Eddy Current Braking
Induction of a back current working against motor rotation to brake an electric motor.

Eddy Current Testing
Nondestructive checking to correlate the electromagnetic properties of an object with its physical properties.

The thin, sharp cutting side of a blade. The border. The part farthest from the center. The narrow surface of an object perpendicular to its face.

Edge Clamp
C-shaped clamp attached to a surface with the middle clamping screw, applying pressure to the edge trim of the surface. The other two screws are at either end of the C and all are adjustable clamps.

Edge Cutter
A tool with a handle and two opposing serrated wheels slightly set apart, which is used to trim sheetrock wallboard to the proper size for installation. The wheels score lines parallel to the edge of the wallboard making breaks in the front and back paper covering. This decreases the panel’s structural strength causing a strip of wallboard to break off along those lines. Alternately, a tool for stripping insulation from electrical wire.

Edge Grain
Wood sawn at right angles to the growth rings of a tree.

Edge Joint
Weld, which is between the edges of parallel pieces of material.

Edge Molding
Molding created by using a molding cutter on a power saw to shape the edge of a board.

Edge Nailing
To nail into the edge of a board.

Edge Treatment
Finishing of the edges of plywood by covering them with wood strips or wood banding or filling them in with spackle or putty. Butt edging is keeping the edges of the plywood square when a strip is applied, with mitered butt edging involving mitering of the edge and securing a wood strip.

Edge Venting
Providing of ventilation to attic space by regularly placing vents around the eave line of the roof.

Edge Void
Plywood panel defect, which is caused by the inner, plies splitting or breaking away during manufacturing resulting in a gap in the edge of the panel.

Hand tool used to round and compact the edges of wet concrete.

Trim along an edge. The finishing of a concrete edge with an edger or painting along an edge.

Edging Strips
The nine-inch wide strips of roofing roll which is installed along the roof edges and rakes prior to the first roofing course.

Large building or structure of any kind.

Edison Base
The porcelain base that holds a light bulb of fuse socket and terminal where electrical wiring is attached.

Effective Age
Estimation of a structure by its condition rather than actual age.

Effective Gross Income
Additional income considered by a lender in assessing a loan application of a potential borrower.

Effective Interest Rate
Real rate of interest on a loan which is the coupon rate divided by the net proceeds of the loan. With a $1,000,000, one year, 10 % discounted loan, the effective interest rate equals 11.11%, or $100,000 (the discount) divided by $900,000 (the actual loan proceeds).

Effective Opening
Smallest diameter of piping at the point of discharge.

Effective Tax Rate
Tax divided by taxable income equals the tax effective rate. Tax is $30,000, taxable income is $120,000, and effective tax rate is 25%.

Effective Throat
The distance from the root of a weld to the face of a weld, with the amount of weld reinforcement subtracted.

Effective Weld Length
Welds are designed by size and configuration to withstand certain conditions. The length of the weld that has a configuration and a cross section that is equal to or greater than that which is required by a design, would meet all qualifications.

White, powdery substance, which appears on masonry or concrete due to the migration, to the surface, of soluble, salts in the material. To remove, it must be brushed and cleaned off with a solution of muriatic acid diluted with water.

Septic system liquid waste.

Egg and Dart Molding
Tooled finish of alternating egg and dart shapes on molding.

Low gloss sheen paint, which has a luster similar to an eggshell. Sometimes spelled eg-shel or egshell.

Access from a land parcel to a public road or other means of exit. Right to exit and enter through land owned by another.

Steps taken to remove someone, who does not have a contractual basis to be there, from the real property.

1. Loosely woven fabric made with strands of rubber or rubber-like material running through it enabling it to return to its shape after being stretched.
2. The ability to immediately return to its size or shape after being stretched or expanded.

Normally used in items as seals for both washers, gaskets and hoses, elastomer is either a natural or synthetic elastic material. When parts are not perfectly fitted, elastomer gaskets guarantee a tight fit.

Elastomer Lining
Elastomer is very often used as a protective lining to keep hoses, valves and pipes from contact with harsh chemical that are carried in fluid systems.

Term describing the elasticity of a material.

Plumbing fitting, shaped like an elbow, which allows water to flow in a curve. Also referred to as an ell, it is designed to use with pipe, tubing, conduit, or duct and is available in 90 to 45 degrees.

Elbow Curvature
The ratio between the bend radius of the elbow and its diameter.