H shaped, steel structural piece.

Metal clip that holds adjacent edges of plywood in alignment.

Habendum Clause
The “to have and to hold” clause that defines or limits the quantity of the estate granted in the deed. Declares whether the type of ownership conveyed is fee simple, a life estate, or something different.

Stacking brick to fire in a kiln.

Wide, shallow saw frame that’s shaped like an inverted U with a fine-tooth blade across the ends of the U and a handle on the other end and is used to cut metal.

Knife or chisel handle.

Half Bat
Half a brick.

A half-bath containing only a toilet and a sink, which does not have a bathtub or shower. A powder room is normally a half-bath.

Half By
Lumber � inch thick.

Half-lap Dovetail Joint
Dovetail joint with half of the thickness of each part cut down so that the surfaces of both are even when joined together.

Half-lap Joint
Lap joint with half of the thickness of each part cut down so that the surfaces of each are even when joined together.

The period of time required for the disintegration of half of the atoms in a sample of a specific radioactive substance.

Half Round
Molding which resembles a cylinder cut in half.

Half Round File
File with one flat side and one side a curved half-section, lengthwise of a cylinder.

Half Section
View of a section of an object that is taken halfway through with the other half depicted from the exterior, showing the object with half cut away, showing the inside.

Construction style that leaves large boards exposed on the outside walls with the wall surface between them covered with stucco or another similar material.

Any of five nonmetallic chemical elements: fluorine, chlorine, bromine, astatine and iodine. Chlorine is used as a bleach and disinfectant. Bromine is used in dyes and for flame-proofing. The Fluorocarbon form of fluorine is used as a lubricant, refrigerant and in fire extinguishers.

A tool for pounding which is a metal head fastened across one end of a hand with one end of the head may be a pronged claw for pulling nails, as in a carpenter’s handle.

Hammer Fracture
Overdriving a nail to cause a tear in the gypsum wallboard paper.

Hand Drill
Drill, which is manually driven by a turning crank that rotates the drill bit faster than the crank, turns.

Hand Float
Smoother for wet concrete or plaster made of a flat wooden board with a one-hand grip that levels the surface.

Hand Screw
Clamp, which is adjusted and held together with two screws.

Hand Tool
Manual rather than power driven too.

Waist high railing which runs parallel to the staircase stringers, to be used as a support while using the stairs.

Manually powered wood saw.

Handy Box
Also called a gang box, this small, steel or plastic box is used to mount outlets or electrical switches in walls or for joining conduit or cable.

Handyman’s Special
House in fixer-upper condition. Home that can be bought cheaply because it is in poor condition.

Upper set of kitchen cabinets.

Hanging Scaffold
Platform, which is suspended by cables, which operate with either manual cranks or electric motors, is used to provide access for work on the exterior of multistory buildings.

The balance of a loan, with a leased property as collateral, that extends beyond the expiration date of the lease.