Certified Journeyman Pipe Welder Needed

Location: , North Dakota, United States
Education: Select One
Experience: 3 Years

Posted on December 18, 2013


Tradesmen International is in need of a certified pipe welders with some fitting experience in North Dakota. This is a 6 month project with lodging provided, plus a healthy Per Diem, and guaranteed 50+ hours a week. 6G weld test on site on carbon pipe and will be fitting for a couple days while waiting on the weld test results.

Why take work in North Dakota? Any traveler knows that there is a TON of work in North Dakota right now but the main hang up I hear is “North Dakota,….no thanks”. The great oil boom in North Dakota has become somewhat of a modern day gold rush in transforming what was once a low populated area to becoming the highest developing area in the United States. There is money to be made and the doors are open for opportunity to make money fast. This is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that most should be proud to have been a part of and will regret never have taken advantage of it while it was there.

Be part of something great and make your trip on the road worth it. Call me today to find out more about what Tradesmen International Inc. can do for you! (440)996-0442