Title:  foreman
Address:  Dalton/Ohio/United States
Posted on:  May 29, 2013
Bio Brief:  I have traveled the northeast Ohio area. I have been doing sealants, sprayable waterproofing on exteriors, and water pressure cleaning on new and old masonry. I have used swing stages and man lifts to accomplish my work on interiors and exteriors. I have experience in mixing custom colors to match different colored bricks, doorframes, and facades. I've used chemicals to remove graffiti public areas. I have made areas fireproofed to meet fire ratings on blueprints.

James R Mori
18875 Elton Rd
Dalton, OH 44618
330 833 – 4697
330 754 – 5818
[email protected]

Demonstrated ability to work effectively and congenially with people with a reputation for uncompromising customer service. Able to plan and execute projects with a track record of meeting and exceeding set goals.

Value Offered
A results oriented, tenacious employee with: