Location: Lewiston,ME,UNITED STATES
Zip: 04240-5854
Project Type: New Construction
ProjectUse: Demolition
Project Budget: 100,000 to 500,000 USD
Contact Method : With Contact Details
Name : Norman J. Beauparlant , 27 PINE ST , LEWISTON , ME , 04240-7204 , Ph: 207 784-2951

Posted on :May 15, 2012
Last Updated :May 15, 2012
Bid Date: 24/05/2012


Demolition of the structure at 10 College Street.
SCOPE:Contractor agrees and undertakes to demolish structures at 10 College Street in their entirety,including removal of foundations. A. Demolition of the aforesaid structures located upon the City of Lewiston’s land;B. Securing all demolition permits from the State of Maine,or the City of Lewiston and paying for any fees required with respect to such permit;C. Removal of all debris from the site;D. Disposition of any and all of the demolition debris other than(I)that sold by Contractor,or otherwise recovered by Contractor as salvage,either on its own behalf or on behalf of the City,in accordance with the laws of the United States and the State of Maine and ordinances of the City of Lewiston;provided,nevertheless,that Contractor is authorized to sell any salvageable components of the structures for its own account,as set forth below. Within thirty(30)days after completion of Contractor’s services,Contractor will provide the City with copies of any documents evidencing the ultimate disposition of all demolition debris,except for such as has been sold for salvage;E. The Contractor will not be responsible for tipping fees,however,all demolition materials not salvaged must be weighed at the Lewiston Landfill before either going to Biofuels or into the Lewiston Landfill;F. The Contractor shall identify any fill sites to be used prior to contract signing;G. Disconnection and capping of any water or sewer service(s)currently connected within the project;H. Foundation walls,shall be removed completely. Concrete floor shall be broken up,removed and cellar hole filled as directed by Purchasing Agent;I. Compliance at all times and at Contractor’s sole cost,during the period of demolition,with the requirements of the laws of the United States and the State of Maine,and the ordinances of the City of Lewiston,including,without limitations,conformity with the reasonable demands of the Lewiston Fire Department. J. Securing the demolition area during the period of demolition at all times by reasonable means acceptable to the Lewiston Police Department or Building Inspector. In the event it shall be or become necessary to temporarily close any streets,Contractor shall,prior to commencement of the work,apply for and obtainfrom the Lewiston City Council a permit for the temporary closing of such streets. In the event that the performance of the work shall entail any closing of a vehicular access to Lisbon Street,Contractors agrees to notify the City at least three(3)days prior to each day on which the accesses will be closed and will place signage in compliance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices. In addition,the Contractor shall not so undertake its operations as to block all access to any portion of Lisbon Street except on a Sunday. PART 2:EXECUTION 2.01 DEMOLITION OR RELOCATION A. Demolish all structures covered by this contract including all exterior steps,platforms and underpinning and foundation walls,etc. in accordance with the following terms and conditions:Demolition shall be done in a manner to maximize the amount of wood materials that will be accepted at Biofuels. 1. The structures and their components are to be demolished in such a manner as to prevent dust,dirt and undue noise from the operation from becoming a nuisance in the area. 2. Cellars are to be cleared of all combustible and perishable material and of all tanks and piping. Tanks used for the storage of fuel oil or other flammable materials shall be removed in accordance with the regulations of the Lewiston Fire Department and Maine Department of Public Safety. 3. Stone,concrete and masonry walls,chimneys,etc. shall be completely removed. 4. No structures shall be removed substantially as a whole. All structures shall be demolished completely on the premises. Masonry walls,piers,columns or chimneys shall be demolished in small sections. All floor construction over basements or cellars shall be completely removed regardless of whether they are above or below existing ground level. 5. Contractor shall remove all tanks(water,gas,oil,etc.)and piping. Should underground oil tanks be identified,they shall be part of the project and the cost shall be part of the bid. 6. Once the work of demolition is started,it shall be continued to completion,uninterrupted except for Sundays and holidays or acts beyond the contractor’s control. Material shall be removed from the site as quickly as possible and not be stored on site. 7. The contractor shall comply with all applicable laws and ordinances. 8. The contractor must exercise proper care in loading so that no waste or salvagematerial is strewed on public streets,neither during loading nor en route to the dumping site. Any material spilled on public streets will be promptly cleaned up and removed by the contractor. B. After the demolition and removal work have been accomplished,the site shall be cleared of all obstructions. Site shall be brought to grade as directed by the Director of Budget/Purchasing. .02 CLEAN UP A. All debris resulting from the operation under this contract and all tools and apparatus are to be removed from the site at the completion of the work and the site left clear and free from hazards,to the satisfaction of the Owner. B. Bidders shall assume that all movable equipment and furnishings left on the premises during the bidding period shall remain the property of the occupant or owner and shall be removed by him/her prior to commencement of demolition and removal. Any such movable equipment or furnishings remaining on the premises after the date indicated shall become the property of the contractor and he/she shall remove same from premises. C. All fixed equipment which is on the premises during the bidding process shall become the property of the contractor and he/she shall remove same from premises.