Location: Kentwood,MI,UNITED STATES
Zip: 49508
Project Type: New Construction
ProjectUse: Roads
Project Budget: 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 USD
Contact Method : With Contact Details
Name : Carla Kane , 4900 BRETON RD SE , KENTWOOD , MI , 49508-5206 , Ph: 616 698-9610

Posted on :May 11, 2012
Last Updated :May 11, 2012
Bid Date: 29/05/2012


Road[s],Sidewalk[s], Curb[s], Gutter[s]

The required work at the Site will include saw-cutting the
existing pavement to create clean butt joints at the point where the new pavement will meet
the existing pavement; removal of the existing catch basin and storm sewer; adjustment of
valve box castings; storm sewer construction; grading, shaping and fine grading the
proposed cul-de-sac; placement and compaction of 6” of 21AA modified limestone
aggregate; construction of F4 concrete curb and gutter as called for on the plan; concrete
sidewalk construction; removal of any excess material; and the placement of one-and-a-half
inches of 13A bituminous leveling course and one-and-a-half inches of 13A bituminous
surface course, unless otherwise specified by the City’s Project Manager.
Where concrete curb and gutter construction is specified, the Contractor shall be
responsible to fine grade for the proposed curb, place curb forms, place epoxy coated rebar,
and determine appropriate grades that will allow the curb and street to properly drain.