Project Type: New Construction
ProjectUse: Electrical Work
Project Budget: 500,000 to 1,000,000 USD
Contact Method : With Contact Details
Name : Neil Pedersen , 7450 TRAFFIC DR , HANOVER , MD , 21076-1598 , Ph: 410 545-8490

Posted on :May 11, 2012
Last Updated :May 11, 2012
Bid Date: 14/06/2012


Road[s],Electrical Work,Excavating & Grading,Fencing

Upgrading and installing traffic barrier
systems along MD 5 (Branch Avenue) within Prince George?s County. The
project limits consist of two non-contiguous segments on MD 5. The first
section is approximately 3.19 miles in length along MD 5 from mile point
2.06 just south of the US 301 interchange to mile point 5.25 just north
of Burch Hill / Earnshaw Drive at Piscataway Creek. The second section is
approximately 1.54 miles in length along MD 5 from mile point 12.21 just
north of I-495 / I-95 (Capital Beltway) to mile point 13.75 at a
signalized directional crossover (Entrance to Marlow Heights Shopping
Center) just north of MD 414 (Saint Barnabas Road).

a) Installing new traffic barrier systems or upgrading existing traffic
barrier systems that are non-conforming in height, length, placement
location, and/or condition.
b) Upgrading existing end-treatments or anchorages that are non-
conforming or outdated.
The rehabilitation will involve minor re-grading at end-treatments and in
front of w-beam barriers, and installing appropriate types of SHA
standard end-treatments.