Location: De Forest,WI,UNITED STATES
Zip: 53532-1311
Project Type: New Construction
ProjectUse: Parks
Project Budget: 50,000 to 100,000 USD
Contact Method : With Contact Details
Name : Deanne Baker , 306 DEFOREST ST , DE FOREST , WI , 53532-1505 , Ph: 608 846-6751

Posted on :July 31, 2012
Last Updated :July 31, 2012
Bid Date: 09/08/2012


Park[s], Landscaping,Road[s]

Fire Station Driveway Repairs – to include: sawcutting, removal and replacement of the concrete aprons, sidewalk (approximately 4500 square feet), curb gutter (approximately 145 lineal feet),asphalt removal and replacement (approximately 160 square yards) and base excavation and replacement in front of the Village of DeForest’s Fire Station and restoration of the work area, other miscellaneous items in conformance with the Contract Documents. Removal and replacement shall be completed in phases to allow access to the Fire Station at all times.