Location: West Park,FL,UNITED STATES
Zip: 33023-3216
Project Type: New Construction
ProjectUse: Athletic Fields & Courts
Project Budget: 10,000 to 50,000 USD
Contact Method : With Contact Details
Name : Vivian Forhart Diaz , 275 NW 2ND ST 4TH FLOOR, HICKMAN BLDG , MIAMI , FL , 33128-1741 , Ph: 305 755-7859

Posted on :July 28, 2012
Last Updated :July 28, 2012
Bid Date: 08/08/2012


Athletic Fields

Repair and resurface multi purpose/basketball courts 1.1) If any exposed metal “re-bar” is found it shall be treated with a metal conditioner “Ospho” prior to court repairs. 1.2) Contractor shall pressure clean court surfaces with min. 3000 psi as required to ensure proper bonding of repairs and resurfacing applications. 1.3) Contractor shall repair all cracks, pits, etc. with Sikadur 35 Hi-Mod LV/LV LPL 2 part epoxy as required ensuring a complete smooth finished surface (all pits, cracks, etc shall be properly ground out to “vee shape” to receive Sikadur product). 1.4) Expansion joints shall be repaired per industry standards and manufacturer specifications. 1.5) Court patching shall match existing surfaces, court patch areas shall include additional colorcoat prior to colorcoat applications to ensure correct finish coat. 1.6) As required volleyball post sleeves shall be reset to elevation of new surface applications; all sleeve caps will be required to maintain a level surface. 1.7) Contractor shall stripe/line multi-purpose/regulation basketball court for regulation play. 1.8) Court surface application to existing colorcoat shall require two coats of colorcoat concentrate to match existing court colors and design patterns. 1.9) Concrete standards shall be patched as needed to match existing surface and finished with one coat of primer and one finish coat of Sherwin Williams – SW2122 paint. 1.10) Contractor shall install new backboards, break away hoops and nets to entire court consisting of four standards. Backboard, hoop and net details shall be approved by project manager prior to purchasing and installation. 1.11) Contractor shall be responsible for securing any equipment and or materials associated with this contracted work. Owner will not be responsible for theft or vandalism. 1.12) Contractor is responsible for all Surveying & Layout required. 1.13) Contractor shall provide temporary fencing as directed to maintain a safe work site. Contractor to provide a detailed sketch of where temporary fence will be installed for approval. Temporary fence shall contain privacy screen. 1.14) MATERIAL or PRODUCT SUBSTITUTIONS: Miami-Dade County Park and Recreation has specified certain brand names because it seeks to match products currently in use at other Park facilities.