Location: Palmetto Bay,FL,UNITED STATES
Zip: 33157-6934
Project Type: New Construction
ProjectUse: Demolition
Project Budget: 500,000 to 1,000,000 USD
Contact Method : With Contact Details
Name : , 3575 S LEJUNE ROAD , MIAMI , FL , 33146 , Ph: 305 665-7471

Posted on :July 28, 2012
Last Updated :July 28, 2012
Bid Date: 27/08/2012


Sidewalk[s], Curb[s], Gutter[s],Water Piping,Demolition,Sewage Treatment

Installation of a water distribution system and sanitary sewer to serve the area known and identified as “Perrine – Cutler-Ridge” (Basin C). The project consists of installing a new gravity sewer system and a water distribution system, together with all appurtenances for these facilities to serve the area known and identified as “Perrine – Cutler-Ridge” (Basin C). The project area covers approximately 60 acres, limited by Wayne Avenue to the north, Eureka Drive to the south, State Road 5/US 1 SB to the west and SW 97th Avenue to the east. The project includes, but shall not be limited to, furnishing and installing 1,326 LF of 12” water mains, 29 LF of 16” water mains, 2 gate valves, 1,570 LF of 12” force mains, 5,663 LF of 8” gravity sewer, 3,687 LF of 12” gravity sewer, 39 manholes, 95 sewer laterals to serve adjacent properties; making connection to existing mains with tapping sleeves and valves; air release and flushing valve outlets assemblies; furnishing and installing castings; temporary and permanent paving repairs; sidewalk restoration; curb and gutter restoration; cleaning, testing and disinfecting the mains; furnishing additional suitable backfill materials; traffic control; maintenance of traffic and all other miscellaneous and appurtenant items of work for a complete, functional and satisfactory installation of the proposed water and sewer lines. The project also consists of furnishing all materials, labor and equipment necessary for building, testing, starting-up and adjusting a submersible sewage pump station for Perrine Cutler Ridge Basin C, including but not limited to, demolition and modification to existing site conditions; furnishing and installing a wet well structure; furnishing and installing a valve vault, and installing valves, fittings, and pipes, furnishing and installing the proposed 47 horsepower submersible pumps and related equipment; furnishing and installing PVC sump pump discharge pipes; furnishing and installing sump pump; furnishing and installing the proposed wet well top slab; furnishing and installing access hatches; furnishing and installing the control panel, furnishing and installing an RTU unit; furnishing and installing main disconnect switch, meter box, furnish and install new backflow preventer with hose bibb, motor connection box; constructing above ground concrete slab; furnishing and installing the proposed electrical and control system inclusive of the necessary electrical wiring, conduits; wiring to control panel; furnishing and installing a 180 KW generator with sub-base fuel tank; furnish and installing temporary emergency connection. The project also includes traffic control; replacing grass, sidewalk, pavement or driveway damaged by construction; construction of fence and access gate; cutting, patching and restoration of existing surfaces to match surrounding areas; sodding to be restored as required; electrical work; mechanical work and other appurtenant and miscellaneous items and work for a complete, satisfactory and functional installation. Also includes removal of existing pumps, valves, and fittings; demolition of the existing pump station structures; removal of existing power/control panel; removal of existing electrical service meter and main disconnect; removal, transport, salvage, and legal disposal of demolition material and equipment. It is the intent of the Department to obtain a complete functional, and satisfactory installation under this contract, and any items of labor, equipment or materials which may reasonably be assumed as necessary to accomplish this end shall be supplied whether or not they are specifically shown on the plans or stated herein.
construction of a sanitary lift station with electric generator, sanitary sewer gravity mains and appurtenances, sanitary sewer force mains, and potable water mains. Hence, to qualify for award the principal bidding the project shall be able to provide evidence satisfactory to the MDWASD that his firm has experience with the construction of sanitary lift stations with electric generator, which experience shall be demonstrated by at least the construction of one (1) sanitary lift station with submersible pumps and with an emergency generator; construction of gravity sanitary sewer; and construction of either water main and/or sanitary sewer force main by open cut methods in existing public right of way where the problems of existing utilities and traffic control form a part of the work. This experience may be combined from several projects but shall total at least 1,400 lineal feet of 8-inch or larger diameter gravity ER W016449, S048508 Page 2A of 263 sanitary sewer with appurtenances. The water main/sewer force main experience shall total at least 1,600 lineal feet of either water or force main or a combination thereof. Experience installing other utilities such as storm sewer, electric, telephone or gas will not be acceptable. Experience connecting buildings or facilities to mains in the street will not be acceptable except portions of the connection running within the right of way along the direction of travel.