Location: Green Bay,WI,UNITED STATES
Zip: 54311-7001
Project Type: New Construction
ProjectUse: College
Project Budget: 500,000 to 1,000,000 USD
Contact Method : With Contact Details
Name : Marie Helmke Lyon , 2420 NICOLET DR , GREEN BAY , WI , 54311-7003 , Ph: 920 465-2000

Posted on :July 28, 2012
Last Updated :July 28, 2012
Bid Date: 09/08/2012


College, University – Miscellaneous

Provision of fire doors for 5 paired openings to the Phoenix Rooms located in the University Union at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Bid includes installation and connection to existing fire alarm system per the attached Special Conditions of Bid

Section-08210 Wood Doors:

Fire rated wood doors shall be hot press 5 ply 1-3/4″ thick mineral core doors manufactured in accordance with
AWI Specification for Type FD-5 Custom Grade doors. ULC 1 hour Rated Assembly

Stiles shall consist of 2-ply laminated edge strip with minimum 1/4″ matching hardwood edge after pre-trimming. Hinge stiles shall be reinforced with a laminated wood inner-ply. Top and bottom rails shall be matching or compatible hardwood.

Doors shall conform to requirements of ASTM E 2074 and NFPA 252 and shall be labeled for the fire rating specified.

Wood fire doors shall be fabricated with heavy duty reinforcement where required to eliminate the need for through bolting of hardware. Closure Blocking Required*
*Factory Prefinished & Top Coat
Provide wood veneer wrapped for wood fire doors used in pairs.

Face veneers shall be A Grade plain sliced select red oak, finish to match existing doors in room.

Match between Veneer Leaves: Book match.

Assembly of Veneer Leaves on Door Faces: Balance match.

Pair and Set Match: Provide for doors hung in same opening

Doors to have C channel Astragal caps if required by door manufacturer testing procedures for ULC 1 hour door assemblies


Fire Rated Glazing: ASTM C 1036 and ASTM C 1048; composed of polished laminated ceramic glazing material with no films applied to exposed surfaces.
Size of visible lite 3” x33”
Thickness of Glazing Material: 5/16″
Glazing stops to be gypsum wood veneer oak stops to match wood door veneer UL Rated Stops-Flush
Approximate Visible Transmission: Varies with thickness (approximate range 88 percent).

Logo: Each piece of fire-rated glazing shall be labeled with a permanent logo including name of product, manufacturer, testing laboratory (UL® only), fire rating period, safety glazing standards, and date of manufacture.
Performance: Glass must be rated to stop fire from either direction and must meet all testing requirements.
Sidelite glass shall pass the required hose-stream test.


Basis of Design Glass Material: In doors, provide FireLite Plus® fire-rated glazing, clear ceramic glass

Section 08710 Door Hardware:

Note: All Hardware to be US 10B Dark Bronze Finish
Acceptable Manufacturers
Von Duprin, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana
Corbin Russwin Architectural Hardware, Berlin, Connecticut
Stanley Security Solutions, INC.

Exit devices shall be equal to the 9927 SUR-Fire Rated Series by Von Duprin. X 996L trim x SFIC Core By US10B Finish
Hinges- Can use existing hinges

Provide reinforced crossbar for all devices where available.
Lever handle shall be #03 Design “Bent Tube” US10B Finish

Provide UL listed fire exit devices at labeled doors scheduled to have exit devices.

LCN Closers- Remount/Reuse LCN Sentronic hold open closers: LCN-4040SE 2 volt sealed verified voltage.

Kick plates shall be 8 Œ” high x width of door less 1-1/2″, 16 gauge dark bronze finish US10B- to match existing plates.

Kickplates at double doors shall be width of door less 1″.

Acceptable Manufacturers
Rockwood Manufacturing
IVES Hardware
Hager Co.