Location: Medway,MA,UNITED STATES
Zip: 02053-2217
Project Type: New Construction
ProjectUse: Fire
Project Budget: 50,000 to 100,000 USD
Contact Method : With Contact Details
Name : Bobby McGee , 155 VILLAGE ST , MEDWAY , MA , 02053-1147 , Ph: 508 533-3200

Posted on :July 26, 2012
Last Updated :July 26, 2012
Bid Date: 14/08/2012


Fire Station


Install roofing at Medway Fire Station One,44 Milford Street in Medway,MA. The work under this Contract is to furnish labor and material to remove all asphalt shingles(2 layers)and rubber membranes(at cupola),remove horn siren and steel supports,replace rotten wood structure at cupola all four sides,furnish/install Ÿ” exterior grade plywood and trim at Cupola,2” insulation board and .060 EPDM membrane at Cupola flat roof and furnish/install new asphalt shingles entire roof,install roof ridge vent,and replace portions of gutters on the Medway Fire Station. All work to comply with applicable codes. All work occurs in the Town of Medway,Massachusetts.

3.1 No demolition and dismantling shall be undertaken unless weather protective systems are in
3.2 All removal operations shall be in compliance with local, state and federal regulations. All
roofing material to be removed shall be carefully lowered to the ground and legally disposed of
off site. No free fall of roofing materials is permitted. Carefully protect existing work.
3.3 Strip off existing layers of roof shingles (2 layers) and dispose of properly to a certified transfer
3.4 Remove and dispose existing Gutter, fascias and soffits at low roof near generator.
3.5 Remove and dispose existing EPDM and insulation below at cupola.
3.6 Remove and fix hump in plywood deck on roof .
3.7 Remove Horn and Siren- return to fire dept
3.8 Remove and dispose steel support .
3.9 Remove existing damaged/rotten wood trim at Cupola all 4 sides.
3.10 Remove all other obstructions as required.
3.11 Remove electrical to siren by owner. 3.12 Remove louver on side of Cupola

4.1 Do not install roofing on damp or wet surfaces or when air temperature is below 32 degrees F.
4.2 After stripping off shingles, Re-nail roof boards as needed. 4.3 Examine substrate and conditions under which shingles roof work is to be performed; notify
DPS Project Manager of unsatisfactory conditions. Do not proceed with work until
unsatisfactory conditions have been corrected
4.4 Add new exterior grade roof plywood as needed for repairs to damaged roof boards; carry 10
sheets in bid for damaged/rotten wood.
4.5 Install Lifetime roofing shingles and new ridge vent.
4.6 Reframe Cupola inside center and build flat roof to up for no water to puddle inside.
4.7 Reframe Cupola trim and board.
4.8 Install new exterior plywood side of Cupola and remove Louver vent.
4.9 Install new 8” aluminum drip edge at all eaves/roof edge.
4.10 Re-Flash – step flashing all onto existing wall. Remove and replace step flashing
4.11 Install 15 feet of Ice and Water shield at low roof eave near generator. (15 feet)
4.12 Install 6 feet of Ice and Water shield at all other eaves. (6 feet)
4.13 Install 15# pound felt paper at all roof area.
4.14 Install new boots at existing pipe vents and all protrusions to be properly flashed.
4.15 Install Lifetime Architectural roof Shingles. Color approved by Town of Medway. 5.1 Furnish/install Ÿ” exterior grade plywood
5.2 Install 2” Insulation board, mechanically fastened with plates and screws.
5.3 Install 0.060 EPDM roof, fully adhered per manufacturers instructions.


6.1 Replace fascia at Generator using solid wood and Ÿ” exterior plywood, primed and painted.
6.2 Replace soffit at generator using Ÿ” exterior plywood, primed and painted.
6.3 Prepare all surfaces for painting in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. All paint
systems shall be two coats minimum or additional coats as required to completely cover.
6.4 Supply and install commercial 6” seamless gutter at low roof near generator, white in color,
complete with heavy duty hangers, every 12” on center. Commercial downspouts 3”x4” with 2
downspouts. Color white.
6.5 See add alternate for all gutters to be removed and replace with 6” Commercial gutters
6.6 Paint all existing soffits, rakes, fascia, gable ends and trim along roof line, color white. Two
coats semigloss.- Exclude first floor white columns and half round porch deck