Location: Saint John,KS,UNITED STATES
Zip: 67576-1827
Project Type: New Construction
ProjectUse: Water & Sewage Piping
Project Budget: 1,000,000 to 10,000,000 USD
Contact Method : With Contact Details
Name : Jill Stimatze , PO BOX 367 , SAINT JOHN , KS , 67576-0367 , Ph: 620 549-3208

Posted on :July 18, 2012
Last Updated :July 18, 2012
Bid Date: 16/08/2012


Water Treatment,Water Piping,Sewage Piping,Sewage Treatment

Part 2-Water Treatment Plant at the City Hall, 115 E. 4th, St. John, KS 67671. The construction of a complete nitrate removal treatment plant with all necessary appurtenances. Construct new 40’x60′ metal- building with all accessories, including the SCADA system,: (SCADA) Contractor is Don’s Electric and Rewind, Ellis, Kansas); install the nitrate removal equipment designed and supplied by Layne Christensen Company and purchased by the City of St. John; install inlet and effluent piping; install one (1) 82,000 gallon ground water storage tank; excavate and install a two (2) cell evaporative pond with double HDPE liner; install 1370′ of new fence with gates; install 630′ of 2″ PVC force main; seeding, gravel drives, cement work, generator set, three (3) high service pumps with VFDs, and other general appurtenances included as Part 2 – Water Treatment Plant.