Location: Holbrook,AZ,UNITED STATES
Project Type: New Construction
ProjectUse: Government - Misc. Bldgs.
Project Budget: 50,000 to 100,000 USD
Contact Method : With Contact Details
Name : Shad A. Stoddard , 1824 S THOMPSON ST , FLAGSTAFF , AZ , 86001-2693 , Ph: 928 638-7888

Posted on :June 22, 2012
Last Updated :June 22, 2012
Bid Date: 09/07/2012


Government – Miscellaneous Building

Replace Windows/Frames and Stucco below Windows.The Painted Desert School Building is no longer used as a school, but is an office building. It was built as part of the Painted Desert Community Complex at Petrified Forest National Park Headquarters and is a contributing building to the Painted Desert Community Complex Historic District. This project shall restore the original appearance of the south faade of the building, while upgrading its energy efficiency. The west side of the facade is essentially unmodified from its original exterior appearance – the work here shall be to re-glaze only. On the east side of the facade, original window frames have been removed and the openings framed in. The work of this project shall be to install new windows, replicating the originals to the extent possible, and refinishing the wall surface below the windows with stucco to match the rest of the facade.