Location: Riverside,CA,UNITED STATES
Zip: 92503
Project Type: New Construction
ProjectUse: Water & Sewage Piping
Project Budget: 500,000 to 1,000,000 USD
Contact Method : With Contact Details
Name : Ed Lara , 3900 MAIN ST , RIVERSIDE , CA , 92522 , Ph: 951 826-5552

Posted on :June 20, 2012
Last Updated :June 20, 2012
Bid Date: 10/07/2012


Road[s],Sidewalk[s], Curb[s], Gutter[s],Water Piping,Electrical Work,Pavement Markers,Sewage Piping

Magnolia Avenue Area Street Maintenance Improvement
Maintenance improvements of various streets including Magnolia Avenue, Elizabeth Street, Merrill Avenue, De Anza Avenue, and Sunnyside Drive, and generally includes, but not limited to, the reconstruction of asphalt pavement, concrete sidewalks, driveways, wheelchair ramps, curb and gutter; adjustment of water meters boxes, water valve covers, gas ETS covers, and manholes; replacement of traffic loops and striping; and installation of signs
LOT 1 6 Mobilization LUMP SUM 1 7 Storm water pollution Prevention Plan LUMP SUM 1 8 Traffic Control LUMP SUM 1 9 Unclassified Excavation, (F) Includes all removal areas for new improvements with modified grade elevations. Does not include any Cold Milling or R & R areas. CUBIC YARD 300 10 Cold Milling, Type 1 (5′ Wide) LINEAR FEET 130 11 Cold Milling, Type 1 (10′ Wide) LINEAR FEET 5550 12 Cold Milling, Type 2 SQUARE FEET 17000 13 Cold Milling, Type 3 (Full Depth) SQUARE FEET 25000 14 Slurry Seal SQUARE FEET 39000 15 Remove Deteriorated Pavement Includes all pavement, including subgrade as necessary, where designated as R&R. SQUARE FEET 15000 16 Construct DGAC Pavement includes asphalt base course for all new pavement sections and all overlays. TON 1500 17 Construct ARHM Pavement Overlay Includes final asphalt cap for all pavement sections and all overlays TON 1700 18 Construct Crushed Aggregate Base CUBIC YARD 675 19 Adjust Water Gate Valve Covers to Grade EACH 30 20 Adjust Gas ETS Covers to Grade EACH 1 21 Adjust Gas Meter Boxes to Grade EACH 4 22 Adjust Electric Pull Boxes to Grade EACH 4 23 Adjust Sewer Cleanout to Grade EACH 2 24 Adjust Water Meter Boxes to Grade EACH 15 25 Gas Meter Covers to Grade EACH 4 26 Adjust Sewer and Storm Drain manhole to Grade EACH 21 27 Crack Fill and Crack Repair per Street Centerline Length, (F) Includes all overlay areas where all or a portion of existing asphalt will remain. LINEAR FEET 3630 28 R&R Concrete Wheelchair Ramp per City Std 304, Type per Plan Includes any retaining curb and reconstruction of sidewalk as necessary to properly join new ramp per ADA guidelines. Includes reconstruction of street curb and gutter EACH 16 29 R&R Concrete Curb and Gutter per City Std 200, Curb and gutter dimensions shall match existing curb and gutter to be replaced LINEAR FEET 425 30 Construct Curb and Gutter Per City Std. 200, Type I, Includes modified gutter on Merrill Avenue. LINEAR FEET 220 31 R&R Concrete Sidewalk per city Std 325, Includes parkway slope grading in conformance witht he plans and the Standard 325 SQUARE FEET 4300 32 Concrete Sidewalk per City Std 325, Includes parkway slope grading in conformance with the plans and the Standard 325 SQUARE FEET 1800 33 R&R Driveway per City Std. 302, Includes concrete and asphalt improvements indicated per plan including all match-up and concrete swale improvements within driveway. SQUARE FEET 9500 34 Construct Concrete Driveway per City Std. 302 SQUARE FEET 900 35 Construct ‘Rapid Set’ Concrete Driveway per City Std. 302 Includes all retaining curb as necessary. Includes rapid set concrete so driveway is fully operational to ensure normal business operations the following morning. SQUARE FEET 1200 36 Construct 3′ High White Picket Wood Fence LINEAR FEET 50 37 4′ Dashed White Stripe (Thermo)-Detail 9 w/RPM(s), (S) LINEAR FEET 2620 38 4′ Solid Double Yellow Stripe (Thermo) – detail 22 w/RPM(s), (S) LINEAR FEET 2670 39 Double Yellow Median Island (Thermo) – Detail 29 w/RPM(s), (S) LINEAR FEET 600 40 Two-Way Left Turn Stripe (thermo)-Detail 32 w/RPM(s), (S) LINEAR FEET 1200 41 8′ Solid White Stripe (thermo)-Detail 38 w/RPM(s), (S) LINEAR FEET 2440 42 6′ Solid White Stripe (Thermo)-Detail 39, (S) LINEAR FEET 2250 43 6′ Solid White Stripe (Thermo)-Detail 39A, (S) LINEAR FEET 1580 44 12′ Solid White Stripe (Thermo), (S) LINEAR FEET 2320 45 8′ Solid Yellow Stripe (Thermo), (S) LINEAR FEET 120 46 4′ Solid White Stripe (The