Light Industrial –Paving Coordinator, Baltimore-MD

Location: baltimore, Maryland, United States
Education: 4 year College
Experience: 4 Years

Posted on September 2, 2016


Job Description:


-Required to have a bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience and a minimum of 5 years’ experience in Field Coordinating Activities.

-Ensures Supplemental workforce receives appropriate in processing, site orientation, briefings, and out-processing, as required.

-Arranges for telephones, pagers, computers and LAN access for contractor personnel.

-Ensures contractor personnel requiring unescorted access are in-processed/out-processed in accordance with client’s Nuclear Security procedures.

-Meets with new contractors as they come on site to explain clients Nuclear safety expectations. Monitoring the safety performance of contractors.

-Monitoring the work quality of the contracted group. Prior to allowing a vehicle or piece of equipment to enter the protected area, performs an inspection to verify that the equipment does not have any active leaks or evidence of degraded or recent leaks, which could result in potential adverse environmental impacts.

-Reinforces Safety expectations and monitors the safety performance of the Supplemental work force.

-Provides on the spot correction for any safety infractions that are observed.

-Reports all injuries and illness to Project Management.

-Captures contractor performance data in Supplier FMS.

-Understands work progress and provides a forum for problem resolution when Task
Manager or Project Manager is not on hand.

-Working knowledge of City, County and State paving and safety specifications for the service territory.

Job Requirements:

  • Demonstrated ability to coordinate, contract, assign, manage and inspect paving work.
    • Demonstrated ability to interpret and analyze construction drawings, make arithmetic calculations, complete work reports, and make recommendations accordingly.
    • Obtain the MD State Temporary Traffic Control Traffic Manager’s Training certification within six months
    • Ability to pass required Erosion and Sediment Control course.
    • Demonstrated ability to operate personal computers, and associated company programs and software (including MS Office, Asset Suite 8, Paving & Restoration Control System, E-time, Concur, Condition Reporting Tool, photo tools, etc.).
    Over four years’ experience in craft discipline associated with construction.