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Thomas Maloney is a man who’s really devoted to his employment. His vocation being in line of auditing for quite a while previously, he worked relentless to get his Chartered Accountant degree. He has mantelpieces full with cups, which he obtained for countless sport events, including rugby. Touch football is his favorite activity.

His mother and father own a self-storage company on the Gold Coast. Needless to say Tom picked up all kinds of stuff about self-storage solutions from helping in and around his parents’ self-storage firm. Naturally Tom mulled over the plausibility of running his own self storage location, particularly when he heard about the transportable self-storage units from the Supercheap Self Storage Group. Supercheap Self Storage offers transportable self storage pods with good entry to the self storage immediately it’s in storage safely. The old type of self storage warehouses demands you to carry your items to the self-storage establishment on your own, which usually is precisely a struggle. Because Supercheap Self-Storage is all about super cheap prices, we’re glad to grant an even better price discount the longer you stay.

Supercheap Self-Storage Brisbane South brings distinguished self-storage services in and around South Brisbane, which includes Fairfield


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Supercheap Selfstorage Brisbane South



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Supercheap self storage Brisbane has an amazing business plan – which is to be a one-stop shop for all your self storage needs. Besides offering you the space to put your items, Supercheap Storage takes things just one step further by bringing the space directly to you! All of our storage units are fully portable. Standing at 7 cubic metres or 10 cubic metres, they are made of lightweight yet sturdy plywood. Because of the design and properties of our storage units, we’re able to load them up on to trucks and bring them directly to where you are!

This portability has been revolutionary – it has enabled us to reach so many people who would normally be turned off by the traditional method of storing where they would have to find some way to get to the storage facility on their own. This way, when we arrive at your location, all you need to do is load up! When everything is ready, we take care of your things and bring them right back to our warehouses. Supercheap storage in Inner Suburbs is able to help you get your items ready for long term storage that much quicker.

On top of absorbing transportation hassles for you by implementing our portable storage methods, we’re also pleased to bring a range of other value-added services that are sure to make your entire storage experience go so much smoother. These include our internally developed and entirely in-house content insurance, for that extra peace of mind for your items while in transit or in storage. Sometimes you just need that extra reassurance because accidents can always still happen.

Supercheap Storage also has an array of partners – clean-up crews, rubbish and refuse disposal teams, painting and general electrical maintenance guys, pest surveillance and control companies and we can even help you to pack, unpack and organize your items right before the move.

We just want to help you with any and all forms of storage issues you may have. If in doubt, give us a ring to find out more about how we can help you with your personal storage solution today!

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