10 Quick, Easy and Affordable Kitchen Updating Tricks

Want a new kitchen but, can’t afford it right now? How about making a few updates to change the look of your kitchen without ever having to go to the bank? I like that idea. If you do too, keep reading and get some great easy, quick and affordable kitchen updating tips and tricks.

1. Paint your cabinets – Because cabinets tend to cover much of the wall space in a kitchen, nothing changes the look of a kitchen more than the finish, colour and look of your cabinets. Small kitchens Idea – If you are somewhat courageous, you may want to try painting the bottom cabinets a different colour than the top. This could work well with a small space, if you paint the top cabinets the same colour as the walls above.

2. Eliminate the counter clutter – We all spend a lot of time in our kitchens. That is why they tend to be considered the hub of the home. This is also why kitchen counters tend to get filled with not only kitchen items but, many other items – papers, bills, kids school work, and the list can go on. Try to find a new home for those items. You may still require them in your kitchen, but maybe you can find a space in a drawer or buy an organizer to put in a cupboard.

3. Change your handles – What an easy way to give your kitchen an updated look. Try some new pewter or nickel finish handle pulls. Just be sure to take your old handle with you so that you get the correct size handle – otherwise, you may find yourself filling holes. Of course, if your handle is a one-holer, depending on where the one hole is located, you could choose another one-holer or even a 2 holer, using the original hole as 1 of the holes.

4. A new light fixture – What about exchanging that typical kitchen light fixture for a swanky chandelier? Or perhaps your kitchen would be better off with a new, contemporary track lighting fixture.

5. Update your window coverings – If you are still living with balloon curtains or valances, try a Roman Shade. They work with many styles and are very functional.

6. Cut out a panel in some upper cabinets – If you can cut out a panel from some of your upper cabinets, fill it in with glass, plexi-glass, decorative metal, chicken wire or mosquito netting. Get an instant, open, airy look and show off your beautiful dishes and glassware.

7. Purchase a new set of dishes and/or flatware – What a great bang for your buck on this one! Set your table with these new accessories and people will forget how outdated or old the cabinets and furniture are. And even better – if you purchase dishes with a European country theme, your older cabinets and furniture might just fit right in.

8. Buy a new kitchen table and chairs – This option may be a little more costly than most of the other tips talked about here but, you will get a large bang for your buck. Because your kitchen table and chairs are such a large part of your kitchen, you will have a different look instantly – except for the time and money required for the shopping.

9. Paint your countertop – Yes, it can be done. It may be that your countertop is in great condition but is just an outdated colour or pattern. So instead of replacing the complete countertop, paint it. With a special primer, you can paint it. It can even be painted with a decorative faux finish such as faux marble or faux stone, for a very custom look.

10. Faux tile your backsplash – This may take a bit more time and skill but, is certainly less costly than having your backsplash completely tiled with ceramic, porcelain, marble or tumbled stone tiles. I have painted faux finished backsplashes for less than $10.00 – you can’t beat that cost!

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Shelly Whitney
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