A Great Tool for the Serious Gardener

(ARA) – If you enjoy America’s favorite pastime, Spring is surely your favorite time of year. The grass grows green again, the trees sprout new leaves and you’re finally able to plant that garden you’ve been dreaming about all winter.

You may already have your seeds, bags of fresh dirt, mulch and other gardening supplies on hand, but have you given any thought on transporting your materials to the garden plot when the time arrives? If you have a small area to plant in the backyard, carrying supplies from the garage to the garden shouldn’t be a problem. If you’re planning something grandiose in size, you’ll need to give transporting your goods some thought.

John Sandberg and his wife have a 2-and-a-half acre homestead in Prior Lake, Minn., just outside the Twin Cities. “We both love gardening and landscaping, always have, but when we first moved in a few years ago, we were only able to plant a small garden because it was just too much work for us,” he says. “Hauling all the dirt and supplies back and forth took so much time, we didn’t have much enthusiasm leftover for maintaining or enjoying the garden.”

This year, they’re planning a garden that will rival a neighborhood co-op. “I think we’ll have about 150 plants altogether. There will be corn, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and pumpkins,” says Sandberg.

So what has changed? The Sandberg family joined the growing number of Americans who are investing in All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) to maintain their homesteads.

“We originally bought our Arctic Cat ATV for the purpose of landscaping our large lot after building our house,” says Sandberg. John attached a drag to the rear of his Arctic Cat 500 4×4 to level the dirt. Then put a broadcast spreader attachment on and used it to plant grass seed. “I use it to fertilize too, and the wheeled tank attachment makes fighting weeds a breeze.”

Once the yard was landscaped, the Sandberg’s turned their attention back to the garden. They now use their ATV to haul all their gardening supplies back and forth. “One of the main reasons we chose the Arctic Cat was for the versatility of their Speedrack and attachments,” says Sandberg.

The Speedrack Sandberg refers to has precision built-in entry points below the racks. You can slide in a variety of Speedrack attachments similar to the receiver hitch on an automobile. You can attach any variety of yard or gardening tool safely and securely. Whenever they need to bring bags of dirt, manure, rocks or mulch to the garden, they load up the small cargo trailer that hitches to the back of the ATV.

“Now we can get everything we need out there at once,” says Sandberg. Which means less time on prep work and more time to enjoy their garden. For more information about Arctic Cat ATVs, and to see a list of the available Speedrack attachments that make gardening easier, log on to www.arcticcat.com.

Courtesy of ARA Content