A Healthy Lifestyle Starts in the Kitchen

(ARA) – While most people look forward to the change of seasons, spring fever can trigger headaches for those fearful of showing their winter weight in lighter wear. Well, usher in the new season with a resolution to get back to the beneficial basics of a healthy lifestyle and start feeling good.

Enjoy meals at home.

A mealtime routine, especially for children, can help develop lifelong healthy eating habits. “Foods prepared at home give consumers control over both the ingredients and the portion sizes,” says Hugh J. Rushing, executive vice president of the Cookware Manufacturers Association.

Eat a wide variety of foods.

Stock your pantry and refrigerator with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain breads and cereals, and lean meats for a healthy combination of vitamins and minerals.

Eat in moderation.

Reducing the portion sizes on your plate helps maintain or reduce body weight. No need to clean your plate. Set aside portions for leftovers that can be enjoyed for another meal later.

Use non-stick cookware.

Non-stick cookware helps reduce the amount of oils used in cooking. And, when possible, use spray coatings to further reduce the need for oils, butter or margarine.

Select low-fat and low-calorie recipes.

Many cookbooks and Web sites offer recipes for foods low in fat, calories and sugar, yet that are high in taste and nutrition. Enjoy trying new foods.

Establish an exercise routine.

No news here. Ample research continues to show even moderate daily exercise prevents illness and disease, builds muscle, strengthens bones, reduces depression and anxiety, and prevents weight gain.

For more tips on healthy cooking and living, visit www.cookware.org.

Courtesy of ARA Content