Accessorize Your Bedroom To Match Your Decor

Perhaps the most important part of decorating your bedroom is getting the right accessories for the style of bedroom that your are going for. Getting this one detail right can make or break your new bedroom design and every style has accessories that will help make it shine. Here’s some tips on accessories you might want to include in your bedroom interior design.

Rustic Decor

For that rustic look that goes with a country, log cabin or lodge style decor make sure to add in a variety of wooden bowls and baskets together with old snowshoes and other camp gear. You might even try certain vintage lodge style blankets in traditional black and red plaid or stripes to add some punch to your bedroom. If you are really brave, you might add some taxidermy mounts which will certainly add a unique look to your bedroom.

Tropical Decor

For tropical or safari style rooms you want to be sure to add in lots of jungle animal prints as well as silk or real plants. Sprinkle in some knick knacks of exotic animals like zebras, lions, tigers, elephants, giraffes and monkeys. Palm tree accessories such as lamps, mirrors and even table stands can help bring the wilds of the jungle into your bedroom.

Romantic Decor

Romantic styles like Victorian, Tuscan, French and Shabby Chic go great with antiques and feminine yard sale finds. Fill the bedroom with elegant vases filled with flowers and put lots of flower paintings or prints on the walls. This look begs for drippy crystals so be sure to have a chandelier or table lamps with lots of crystal prisms. Combine that all with some chippy painted items and you’ll have a look fit for a magazine.

Contemporary Decor

With contemporary or modern bedrooms less is better, but that doesn’t mean the room should be totally void of accessories. Some strategically placed items that have straight clean lines can really add interest. Think about adding a single plain vase with one flower in it, or a simple floral arrangement that is linear in style. A couple of interesting art glass pieces can really add some punch to this style as well.

No matter what style you choose for your bedroom, the accessories are important. Look in decorating magazines and books to see what accessories the decorators put in the rooms that have the same style you are going for. You can buy accessories for less money at consignment stores and yard sales – no one has to know that you got them second hand!

Lee Dobbins
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