Add Charm and Style to Your Yard with Arbors

(ARA) – This is the time of year that gardeners love. Seed and plant catalogs have arrived, and chilly winter nights can be spent planning what the yard and garden will look like this spring and summer. Don’t forget to include plans for hardscaping, the non-plant accents that give your yard its backbone.

“The latest trend in landscaping is to create ‘outdoor rooms,’ areas set off by various design elements that provide a place to entertain, or just a place to sit and enjoy the garden,” says Ken Machan, co-founder and president of New England Arbors, a company that specializes in beautiful arbors. “Landscaping not only increases your enjoyment of your outdoor spaces, but it can add as much as 15 percent to the resale value of your property.”

The easiest way to achieve the effect of strolling from one outdoor room to another is with additions like arbors, benches and trellises. They not only help define the space, but also add a distinct design element to the yard. Some arbors can even be wired for lighting and sound to add even more personality to the landscape.

“Arbors help create traffic patterns by leading people to features like a footpath or a comfortable bench. They’re also perfect for establishing a grand entryway to your yard, with or without a surrounding fence,” says Machan. A well-placed arbor is also the perfect anchor for climbing plants of all kinds, from flowering vines to roses.

Creating outdoor rooms allows you to use more of your yard, expanding your outdoor space beyond your deck or patio and into the surrounding area. When creating your outdoor rooms, be sure to consider the architecture of your home, especially when choosing hardscape elements. For example, for a cottage-style home, a flagstone patio would look more natural than a formal herringbone brick patio.

The same holds true with arbors. If you have a traditional-style home, like a colonial, then choose an arbor with classic lines. If you live in a gingerbread Victorian, you can use a more ornate arbor. New England Arbors offers models to suit all architectural styles, from the stately Yorkshire to the traditional Nantucket to the more ornate Brookfield. All are designed with fine architectural detail to enhance the beauty of your home and garden.

Choose an arbor that is low maintenance and that will look great year after year. Thanks to the use of premium weather-proof vinyl materials, New England Arbors have the look of freshly painted wood without the worry or hassle. “Our arbors replicate the warmth and beauty of real wood, but they offer low maintenance and long-lasting durability,” says Machan . “While wood can rot and warp, our arbors maintain their good looks year after year. They won’t crack, rot or require painting – a promise we back up with a 20-year limited warranty.”

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Courtesy of ARA Content