Air Treatment Sizing

 The “How To’s” of Compressed Air
Central heat exchangers, filters and dryers must be sized for compressor displacement at extreme ambient conditions. Most compressors can run in a high ambient but little consideration is given to the air treatment components in this regard. If a 1,000 Acfm air-cooled compressor operates in a 110°F ambient, the effect of ambient pressure, temperature and relative humidity rates the compressor at 900 Scfm, with an inlet temperature to an air dryer of at least 120°F. This means the dryer must be capable of handling nearly 1,600 Scfm or dewpoint will not be maintained.
The other end of the scale must be considered as well. At very low temperatures, ambient air contains very little moisture for removal. The air dryer must not be so large that it freezes up from lack of heat loading.