Are You Taking Full Advantage Of What Your Home Security System Can Do For You?

Got Gas?

Did you know that your security system can do more than call the police when there is a break in?Its true.

Todays systems are equipped with the latest electronic technology to do much, much more than just alert you for break ins.For example…

The Silent Killer

Do you have a gas furnace…gas water heater…or gas fire place in your home?For years we have been warned of the “silent killer”.Sad to say thousands of people die in their sleep each year as they fall victim to Carbon Monoxide.I can hear you thinking now… “Why can’t I just go over to Home Depot or Lowes to pick up a Carbon Monoxide detector. Doesn’t that do the same thing?”I have to agree to a point. Allow me to explain. Having A stand alone carbon monoxide alarm…is better than having none at all.Why do I say this?Let me paint a picture for you: It is late at night. Your family is peacefully asleep. Something goes dreadfully wrong with your furnace…and it begins to emit… silent…deadly… fumes thruout the house.Carbon Monoxide makes you sleepier than you already are. So, while a standard carbon monoxide alarm may go off…It may be too far away for you to hear it. Especially with the bedroom doors closed. Even worse, you may hear it but be too drowsey to do anything about it.Now on the otherhand… A carbon monoxide system that is tied into your monitored security system…not only wakes you with an audible alarm…but it calls the fire department automatically.Now you can see why most people who have gas appliances choose to add this as an option.A reputable home security system company can add these to your existing system for a modest installation and equipment charge.The best part is that your existing system can do this without any additional monthly monitoring fee!

Frank Cheshire
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