Bathroom Design

Bathroom design goes through trends and changes. The current push in bathroom design is toward making the bathroom similar to an at-home spa retreat. With our stressed out lifestyles, people are seeking a way to relax and unwind in their own homes. There are some specific trends in bathroom design that are very popular right now. If you are considering a bathroom design renewal, consider adding one or more of these elements to give your bathroom a fresh, new look.

The first popular trend in bathroom design is increasing the size of the bathroom. New homeowners are seeking models with a large bathroom layout and existing homeowners are knocking down walls to increase space. Larger bathroom design allows the homeowners to have more room to rest and relax.

Bathroom design is also encompassing fixtures that serve more than one purpose. Today’s homeowners want to make the bathroom more stylish. Using fixtures as part of the overall bathroom design will help create a mood in the bathroom. Many people seek a separate shower and bathtub in their bathroom design. And bathtubs themselves are becoming more stylish and useful. Freestanding baths, whirlpool tubs and copper basins are all emerging as trends in bathroom design.

Modern bathroom design is focused on combining different materials together, such as glass and chrome. The reflective surfaces of both materials add class to the overall bathroom design. Glass tiles are also emerging as a popular bathroom design trend. These tiles are translucent and can add an artistic flair to the bathroom. Combining glass and porcelain tiles can add a dramatic touch to your bathroom design. Stainless steel is making its way into popular bathroom design, and is being seen in everything from medicine cabinets to shower walls.

Bathroom design trends can add a contemporary and fresh feel to your bathroom. If you are planning a remodeling project, take some of these bathroom design trends into account.

Jason Albright
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