Bathroom Medicine Cabinet: Do You Have One? Do You Need One?

Everyone loves a good bathroom cabinet. There are so many things that they are good for: holding linen, toiletries, and other fanciful things. Bathroom cabinets can be attached to the wall or free standing on the floor. Sometimes, they have special purposes; sometimes, they are more a general use cabinet. For instance, a bathroom medicine cabinet is in almost every bathroom made since the 70s.

A good bathroom medicine cabinet is indispensable. The main priority of a bathroom medicine cabinet is to hold medicine behind the mirror. This keeps the medicine safe from moisture and children, but easily accessible when needed. These are great in any bathroom. I know some guest bathrooms that have a medicine cabinet full of guest toiletries. This gave me a welcomed feeling and made the home I was visiting all that more comfortable.

One choice is whether there will be one, two, or three doors on the bathroom medicine cabinet. Obviously, each will have the advantage of space, but the more doors it has, it usually takes up more space. However, this is a great choice for many homeowners. Sometimes, the center piece does not open, but both of the other pieces open. I had one in my last home that was a huge center mirror with a corner medicine cabinet on each side of the enormous mirror.

Another choice is whether you want lights or no lights. The lights can be on many places near the bathroom medicine cabinet. On mine, I have a row of larger bulbs across the top of the mirror. My mom has a row of small light bulbs on both sides of bathroom medicine cabinet. I have a neighbor who installed her own bathroom mirror and has a single, beautiful light in the center-top of the bathroom mirror. This is obviously a decision best made to fit your personal tastes.

Of course, when you are choosing any cabinet, the material and color is always an option. The choices will depend on the manufacturer and your personal choice. Many people prefer a finish that matches the rest of their bathroom; other people choose a finish that will accent other aspects of the bathroom. This is obviously a choice best made by the personal choosing a bathroom medicine cabinet.

These can be found at almost any home improvement store and most home d��cor stores; almost all specialty kitchen and bathroom store will have a wide variety to pick and choose from. There is always the Internet which has opened the market to things you may not have otherwise ever noticed. However, since these are fragile and heavy, I suggest taking a good look at the shipping and handling costs as well as their breakage policy. Better safe than sorry.

As is obvious, bathroom medicine cabinets offer a lot in the way of convenience and safety. In addition, you get a good amount of d��cor for the bathroom. For added security you can get a locking cabinet that will protect all of that medicine and keep it away from people that it may otherwise harm. So, feel free to find one of the better products for your bathroom needs and pick a bathroom medicine cabinet.

Delbert Parkison
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