Benefits of A Dry Basement

A dry basement is one that is completely rid of moisture, or water that can come in through walls, floors, vents and joints that are not sealed and not necessarily a basement that has been flooded.

A dry basement will be free from bad odors or leaks that can cause wetness and mold that lead to a variety of health problems from inhaling the spores that float in the air.

A dry basement can be used for many purposes other than storage space. With a heating systems and dehumidifiers to control moisture will make them as cozy and warm as any living room in the house that can be used as a bedroom or business office, or whatever your needs.

We have covered some of the benefits of keeping a dry basement from a standpoint of your health and providing a cozy warm environment, but how do you ensure keeping the basement dry?

If your basement is not part of your normal living area it is a good idea to check the basement on a regular basis for water and moisture and prevent any of the element from entering.

Waterproofing substances applied to the floor or walls can prevent water seepage through cracks or leaks. Periodic maintenance and regular inspection of seals should be done on a regular schedule. Preventive measures carried out before leaks occur can also help prevent damage to items stored in the basement.

Chet Holcomb
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