Building Your Own Kitchen Cabinets

If you have ever considered building your own kitchen cabinets and aborted the idea by convincing yourself that you have no woodworking tools, or I know nothing about wood staining and finishing, or little about cabinet making in general, then read on and believe me when I say it can be done with minimal tools.

With the rising price of lumber and plywood on the market today a set of kitchen cabinets bought pre made, or custom made is becoming an unreality for some home owners. Consider building your own and saving money.

Now it would be nice to have a complete woodworking shop all ready to just punch out a set of kitchen cabinets on demand, but that is probably not the case and here is the alternative to the solution.

You can measure and layout on paper the design of your kitchen using the existing kitchen as a example of how things are constructed then break it down into a parts list forgetting any doors, drawers, or hardware for the time being. Just concentrate on the shell.

When you have your parts list ready you can buy the materials and hire a cabinet shop to cut and mill the parts for the boxes and what your left with is assembling the boxes. This is not uncommon practice in cabinetry now days as more cabinet manufactures are farming out there work so they can produce more. The cabinet shop will package the order for each box making it easier to identify the cabinet and understand the assembly.

When your kitchen cabinets are assembled you measure the door and drawer opening and take your list to a company that specializes in building just doors and drawers.

Once the cabinets are assembled and the drawer slides installed to cabinet box and drawer it is a good idea to dry fit all parts before installing your kitchen cabinets.

At this point you need to decide what type finish and top coat you want to use on your kitchen cabinets and how it should be done. We are not going to discuss in detail how to finish your cabinets in this how to because it is a separate issue altogether, but suggest you install the cabinets and hire a professional painter to do the final step.

Another alternative to save money, labor and error factors is to buy Ready to Assemble cabinets from companies that specialize in this area. The savings may not be as great as doing it all yourself, but Ready to Assemble cabinets cost less to ship than pre made kitchen cabinets and usually provide professional assistance in design.

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Chet Holcomb
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