Carpet Cleaning Tips

The following are some tips to follow if you want your carpets to last longer and stay cleaned longer as well.

First you should vacuum your carpet twice a week to avoid the build up of dust and stains.

As soon as something spills you should immediately wipe the stain off. Leaving these uncleaned areas will be harder to clean in the future and most likely force you to replace the entire carpet. Costing you more at the end.

If you stay in a routine of cleaning your carpet consistenly you will add to the life of the carpet.

Avoid having people eat on the floor, specially kids. And before people come in to your house, have a special mat so they can wipe their shoes before stepping on the carpet.

Alternatively, those who fear the effects of a carpet cleaning chemical can resort to old fashioned methods of carpet cleaning which require more physical exertion than actual cleaning products.

When it comes the time to clean with stronger cleaning solution and you are not a fan of some chemicals used for carpet cleaning then there are plenty of alternatives.

The first is to use one of the various forms of dry carpet cleaning which mostly use club soda or other carbonated liquids mixed with an abrasive agent.

Finally, as a last ditch effort, if your carpet is beyond the point of carpet cleaning (even with a carpet chemicals) then you should consider replacing the entire carpet throughout your home.

Edna Melendez
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