Choosing A Carpet Cleaning Method

With the great variety of carpet cleaning methods out there, it can be hard to decide which method is best for you. In truth, they all work well but some have advantages over others. This article will go over the various different methods of carpet cleaning so that you can decide for yourself which method you like the best.

Steam Cleaning
This method is also known as hot water extraction and is probably the best known and most used method. In this method, a cleaning solution is first applied to the carpeting to dissolve and suspend soil. The solution is then rinsed from the carpet with hot water. The carpet cleaner will either use a portable cleaning unit which they bring into your home or a truck mounted unit which they leave in their van. Truck mounted units usually provide better heat and vacuum and the technician will only have to bring a solution and vacuum hose into your home.

An advantage to this method is that it has a great deal of flushing action and is great for heavily soiled carpets. A disadvantage is that it has the longest drying time of any method, usually between 6 and 24 hours. Some of the more well known users of this method include Blackman Mooring and Stanley Steemer.

Bonnet Cleaning
Bonnet cleaning is the next most popular method. In this method, the cleaner will apply a cleaning solution to your carpet. The solution absorbs the soil and then is soaked into cotton or synthetic bonnets that are on a spinning floor machine.
The advantage of this method is short drying times, usually under two hours. A disadvantage is that it may not work on heavily soiled carpets as well as steam cleaning can. The most famous user of this method is Chem Dry (Chem Dry does also use a form of steam cleaning in some areas).

Foam & Shampoo Cleaning
With this method, a foaming shampoo is applied to the carpet. The cleaner uses a machine to agitate the shampoo into the carpet absorbing soil and dirt. It is then allowed to dry and the dried shampoo is then vacuumed from the carpet along with the soil it has absorbed.

This method also has the advantage of quick drying times, usually under two hours. A disadvantage to this method is that it can leave a bit of a residue leading to carpet re-soiling problems. The most famous method of foam cleaning is Von Schrader.

Powder Cleaning
With this last method, a semi moist powder is applied to the carpeting. The cleaner than uses a machine with rotating brushes to vacuum the powder into the carpet. The powder absorbs soil, is allowed to dry and is then vacuumed up.
This method has the advantage of very quick drying times, typically under one hour. A disadvantage is that the cleaner may not completely be able to remove the powder. It will not harm the carpet but can be annoying. The most famous method of dry powder cleaning is Host.

Hopefully this method has given you a little information that you can use to make an educated decision on a method of carpet cleaning. As I said earlier, all methods of cleaning will get the job done. You just have to pick the one that makes the most sense to you.

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