Cleaning Mud From Your Carpeting

Mud stains. Sooner or later you will get them on your carpet. Either your dog will come barreling into your home after playing in a muddy backyard or your kids will forget to take their shoes off before entering your house on a rainy day. Don’t panic though. Mud is one of the easier stains for you to remove.

The worst thing you can do is grab spotter and try to clean up the mud stain right away. All this does is spread the stain and allow it to penetrate deep into your carpeting. So resist the urge to go straight for the spotter. So what should you do?

First you should get a dull instrument like a spoon. Go to the spot and gently scrape as much of the mud off of the carpet as you can. Be careful not to push the mud into the carpet. Instead gently scrape what you can off of the surface.

Next is perhaps the hardest part. Walk away from the spot and don’t do anything else. You need to leave the spot alone so that the mud can dry. Once it is dry it will be easily removed with simple vacuuming. So leave the spot along and come back the next day.

After the spot is completely dry you can vacuum the carpet and most of the mud (which is now just dirt) should come out easily. If it doesn’t want to detach from the carpet you can gently brush the dirt to loosen it. After you have thoroughly vacuumed and brushed the area and no more dirt will come out you can use your spotter and remove the rest of the stain.

That is all there is to it. As you can see it is a simple stain to remove that just requires a little patience. So don’t panic and you and your carpet will be just fine.

James C
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