Come in Out of the Dark This Winter

(ARA) – Ever feel uncomfortable entering a dark, empty house? Chances are you have, whether in the pit of your stomach or somewhere in the back of your mind. So then why is it that you don’t feel uncomfortable when entering a well lit home?

A well lit home gives the illusion that it is occupied and helps to keep potential thieves away. In fact, traditional methods like leaving a light on during a vacation or to prevent entering a dark house at night are recommended by crime prevention Web sites. However, these are not economical considering the already high cost of energy. Timers are certainly more cost effective than leaving a light on all day, but timers must be manually reset in the event of a power outage or for seasonal time changes.

A great new technology that will prevent you from having to enter a dark house ever again is the MasterGlow Automatic Light Detecting System which is built into a variety of lamps offered exclusively from Lighting by Holmes. MasterGlow is an energy efficient patented technology that automatically detects the amount of light in a room and will turn the lamp on at dusk and off at dawn.

It helps to create the illusion that someone is home and also provides sufficient light to make entering your home at night more comfortable. The sensor automatically adjusts to the seasons and will only keep the light on during the evening and at night.

Available in a number of fashionable styles and models, you can easily find a lamp that fits your home decor and will help you feel more secure when entering your home. Select the MasterGlow setting or use the full range dimmer switch to select the desired amount of light for your room. On the energy efficient setting, the lamp uses only 15 to 30 watts of energy.

With MasterGlow you never have to enter a dark house again. When it comes to your family’s safety how can you go wrong?

Lighting by Holmes lamps with MasterGlow technology are available in home improvement centers, specialty and mass merchant retailers. Log on to to learn more about the features they offer.

Courtesy of ARA Content