Crane Plumbing

When it comes to plumbing manufacturers Crane Plumbing is one of the biggest in North America and they’ve got huge line of products that are manufactured.

There are more than 20 facilities throughout North America that are responsible for producing all the product lines and there are more than 3000 employees all with specialized training in the plumbing industry. So whether you are new to plumbing or an old pro they’ll be able to assist you.

Crane has been producing quality fixtures for more than 130 years. That’s an awfully long time! You’ll find their products in the home, in hospitals, apartments, schools, hotels, and commercial places. And even if you don’t see the Crane name chances are you’ve seen a Crane product because they market under a variety of brand names which include. 1. Crane Plumbing – Full line of fixtures and accessories 2. Universal Rundle – Full line of fixtures and accessories 3. Showerite – Full line of shower doors 4. Fiat Products – Specialty plumbing products 5. Sanymetal – Bathing compartments

Wait, there’s more. They have plenty of product categories to choose from too. 1. Vitreous China – toilets, lavatories, urinals, flushometer, marine fixtures, penal fixtures, hospital fixtures, counter top sinks, pedestal sinks. 2. Enamel Steel – lavatories, bath tubs, kitchen sinks. 3. Plastic Wall Surrounds – Tubs and showers. 4. Acrylic & Gel Coated Fiberglass – whirlpools, soaker tubs, steamsuites, showers, tubs, physically challenged bathing units. 5. Cultured Marble – lavatories and vanity tops. 6. Molded Stone – service basins, laundry tubs, shower floors. 7. Commander – commercial showers, change stalls. 8. Terrazzo – commercial shower floors.

If you don’t believe how common Crane is have a look at the stamp on your toilet, or checkout the lavatory in your parent’s home. You’ll find the Crane stamp on more than 50% of the fixtures you check.

The warranty is excellent. Another reason to buy Crane. Of course it varies depending on the product but they range from anywhere from 1 year to 10 years depending on the item and there may be a few that are even longer. And warranty claims are handled professionally and with as minimal of hassle as possible.

Crane is well known not only for the quality products but also for the good prices and terrific selection. It’s a great feeling to know you can hit one manufacturer and get everything you need without having to run all over the country.

It’s even better when you can grab your comfy desk chair, turn on your computer, and let your fingers go shopping. In no time you can find exactly what you want and there is no looking for parking, and no running around town burning up gas and time.

The most important thing before you start shopping is to know what it is you really need. It’s too easy to get caught up buying pieces that aren’t necessary. Make your list and then stick to it. If you are looking at bigger items it also pays to set a budget and then to price compare online.

Crane Plumbing is a name you can trust in your home renovations.

Carl Shupert
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