Dark Sky Lighting: The New Look in Outdoor

In the face of new home development and rapid growth, many communities have enacted so-called “Dark Sky” ordinances in an effort to curb light pollution from outdoor lighting fixtures. Also known as “Good Neighbor Lighting” or “Cut-Off Lighting”, Dark Sky lighting is designed cut the amount of lighting at night that is aimed into the night sky.

For the home builder, Dark Sky lighting is an idea whose time has come. Builders shouldn’t worry about meeting these new rules, however. There are now more outdoor light fixtures on the market than ever before that meet the Dark Sky lighting requirements. These new designs feature different kinds of reflectors, shields and cut-offs that prevent the light throw from pointing upwards.

Having light directed downwards towards the ground means that consumers can reduce the wattage of the bulbs they’re using outdoors, thereby cutting energy costs and saving them money. For example, a 50 watt bulb that is properly positioned and directed from a Dark Sky fixture can look like a much brighter bulb.

Using a down-lighting technique with energy efficient outdoor light fixtures can also improve the visual look of a finished home, creating a more subtle, eye-pleasing effect at night. In fact, lights pointed toward the ground instead of the sky or a neighboring yard can actually help improve visibility at night along pathways and around porch areas. Learn more about Dark Sky lighting and outdoor light fixtures at LampsPlus.com, America’s lighting superstore.

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