Designer Home Accents for Unique Interior Decorating

Integrate elegantly designed accents into your current d?cor to make your living space unique and refined. Items that reflect your taste for intricate detailing, quality materials and attention to style will add sophistication and appeal to your home. Here are some ideas for using designer home accents to create your truly magnificent and inviting living space.

Collectible Music Boxes

The warmth of the rare woods and flower inlays of collectible music boxes can bring a sense of romance into your home. Create a musical theme by strategically placing smaller inlaid music boxes on the tables throughout your living room, family room and study. Replace the side table next to your armchair with a large wooden music box on a stand and set a music box on the dresser in every bedroom. As you walk through your home, seeing your collection of music boxes displayed, you will be constantly reminded of their charm and appeal.

Himalayan Area Rugs

The warm, muted, natural tones of Himalayan area rugs are easily integrated into your color scheme and can provide an atmosphere that is relaxing and inviting. With Himalayan area rugs, your options range from an understated elegance, to intricate and dramatic contrasts in vibrant colors. Set a welcoming tone for guests by covering the floor of your foyer with a plush Himalayan area rug. Use one of these area rugs to define a conversational area in your living room by grouping a sofa and pair of chairs around it, or lay one of these magnificent rugs beneath a glass dining room table set.

Far East Motifs

Bring a sense of culture and history into your home with ancient mystical motifs from the Far East. These accent pieces come in various forms of wall art and statues, and can add unique appeal to any room. The pieces are typically formed from bronze and antique stone and will work perfectly in a formal living room. Nestle a large Buddha statue in your living room corner, or even in the entryway to your house. Create an arrangement of Hindu wall plaques along hallway walls, or along the walls of your stairwell. Brighten up the bookcase in your office by placing one or two colorful, hand-painted statues on each shelf and complementing them with a larger statue or wall plaque placed on the opposite side of the room.

Decorative Bookends

If a room in your home already has a coordinated theme and you are looking for more ideas to accent it, try unique bookends. Decorative bookends come in a variety of designs ranging from nature, political, nautical and educational themes. There are options for materials as well, including brass, pewter, wood and marble. In your office with a nautical theme, set larger books on a credenza with brass anchor bookends. Use three or four different sets of child-inspired brass bookends to decorate a child’s room by grouping storybooks on the windowsill, bookcase and desk. Add a touch of elegance to your kitchen by storing three or four cookbooks on your kitchen island using a set of marble bookends.

These are only a few ideas for decorating your home with unusual accent pieces. Review your living space and determine which areas could use a touch of elegance. The value in using these pieces comes from selecting those which have meaning to you, and creating a collection of items that is a reflection of your own personal style.

Carol Cook
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