Discover the Fountain of Youth at Your Faucet

(ARA) – It makes your skin supple and younger looking. It keeps you alert and allows your major organs to function at their peak capacity. What is this amazing wonder drug? Water – that simple and clear beverage that costs just pennies a day and is available right at your sink.

While you may know that water is one of the building blocks for life, you might not realize how Americans short-change themselves in the water department. In fact, only 34 percent of Americans report that they drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day, according to a survey by Yankelovich Partners.

Water: It Does A Body Good.

Why all the fuss to drink eight, 8-ounce glasses a day? According to the Mayo Clinic, more than 60 percent of our body weight is water. This critical fluid helps our bodies regulate temperature, cushions joints and carries oxygen to our cells.

But dehydration is more common than most people realize. Do you ever feel less mentally alert for your morning meeting? Try drinking a glass of water. Even lacking just one percent of the water your body needs can cause fatigue, muscle weakness and dizziness.

Why Aren’t We Drinking Enough?

While 73 percent of consumers admit knowing they should drink eight glasses of water a day, they often don’t, citing poor quality and taste as key reasons. In an August 2003 Gallup poll, 33 percent of respondents said they avoided tap water because of health-related issues and nearly 30 percent did so because they didn’t like the taste.

Is the concern about tap water valid? Although the United States enjoys one of the cleanest water supplies of any nation, the EPA reported in 2003 and 2004 that only 90 percent of drinking water systems met all applicable health-based drinking water standards. But meeting the standards and tasting good from the tap are two different things.

What About Water Quality?

Faucet manufacturer Moen Incorporated has done extensive research into consumer perceptions when it comes to water quality and taste. In a recent survey, Kitchen Problem Prioritization & Weighting Study, 92 percent of respondents stated that they did not feel comfortable drinking water directly from their kitchen faucet because it lacked filtering capabilities. As a result, consumers often drink bottled water – but they also note how expensive and inconvenient this solution can be. In fact, a family of four would go through approximately 12 bottled waters a day – or a case every two days – to keep up with the recommended “8 x 8” consumption rule.

Looking Beyond the Bottle.

Consumers today have a host of filtered water options, including:

* Refrigerator systems. These systems conveniently offer great-tasting cold water right from the fridge and are generally low maintenance. However, the flow from the dispenser is slow while the space can be too small to accommodate filling a water pitcher, coffee pot or even a tall water bottle.

* Filtering pitchers. Slow water flow is never a problem with these workhorses. They often provide great-tasting water quickly and conveniently, and, for small families, they make water consumption as easy as opening the fridge. However, larger families may experience the “empty pitcher syndrome.” Since a pitcher’s water supply is limited to the tank capacity, they must be refilled – sometimes several times a day to keep up with a family’s water needs.

* Faucet attachments. Faucet attachments bring homeowners one-step closer to having it all in one. A filtering system attaches to a faucet’s spout, offering filtered water right at the sink. But, unlike a water pitcher, these systems are in plain view for everyone to see. And their style may not always coordinate with the d├ęcor.

* Faucets with integrated filtering. Moen recently introduced a faucet featuring their new ChoiceFlo technology, offering one of the most convenient and economical solutions. This technology allows one faucet with one spout to offer two water supply options – filtered and non-filtered – right at the kitchen sink complete with a generous flow rate that exceeds many other filtered water options. The ChoiceFlo technology was integrated into Moen’s most popular kitchen style – and costs just 40 dollars more than a standard faucet. Plus, the long-lasting carbon-block filter is out of sight under the sink and replaces easily with no tools or water shut-off.

Make Water A Family Affair.

With all the focus on the benefits of water, parents may have questions about the quality of filtered water; namely, does filtered water eliminate contaminants like lead and chlorine? And, does it keep in the good stuff – like beneficial fluoride?

Moen’s ChoiceFlo filtration can put their mind at ease. It significantly reduces impurities such as lead, cysts, mercury, lindane and other harmful chemicals while keeping fluoride in the water. And, even with all that it removes, the activated carbon block filter lasts for six months. The faucet smartly keeps track of this time, and a blinking light notifies users when it’s time to change the filter.

With that reassurance, it’s easy to reach to pour a glass of cool, refreshing (and safe) water for everyone in the family. With new water delivery options, it is possible to drink more without spending more, all the while enjoying a host of healthy rewards.

Courtesy of ARA Content