Discover Tips for Bath Tub Refinishing, And The Big Money Saved

The cost of replacing your tub is fairly low but the costs that surround it, the contractors you will have to pay to remove it, retiling after installing the inexpensive tub, and the plumber to reconnect everything, far outweigh the costs of choosing bath tub refinishing as your alternative. A simple remodeling of your bathroom can cost upwards of two thousand dollars and take seven to ten days during which you have no access to your bathroom.

If you do it yourself, taking the option of refinishing instead of remodeling, you will spend around five hundred dollars and lose the use of your facility for no more than a couple of days.

Bath tub refinishing is a prospect even if your tub is discolored, worn, chipped or if cleaning has become impossible. A good job of bath tub refinishing can restore the usefulness of your bath tub for another ten to fifteen years. This means that you will need to reglaze your tub. The beginning of the bath tub refinishing project will require cleaning by the use of a special acid. The facade of the tub must be cleaned and prepared before the new surface can be applied. The next step in your bath tub refinishing process is to sand down the area that you just cleaned. It is recommended that you use both a sander as well as doing some of the areas by hand.

The biggest part of the bathtub refinishing is the actual glazing process. This is recommended as a multiple step process. There should be two under coats applied before the tops coats are put on. To make certain the finish looks smooth it will require three more coats to seal the top. This gives you the opportunity to change the color as you reglaze. Bath tub refinishing is a big job, but once you get to the stage of putting on the top coat you are almost done.

Now its just a few jobs that need to be completed and your effort at refinishing will begin to pay off. The reglazing should have taken about a half a day, but if you are new to projects like this it may have taken a little more. Lastly you need to regrout the tiles around the tub to make sure they are properly waterproof and so keep mold and mildew from taking hold.

Once this is all done you can expect to wait forty-eight hours for everything to be dry before you are able to use your tub again. Then you will be able to look with pride at the bath tub refinishing job that you did so well.

Bill Urell
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