Do It Yourself Bathtub Refinishing Projects

Myth There is a myth going around that refinishing a bathtub yourself is not a good idea.

Fact This is not entirely true due to advancement in bonding agents available in kits sold on the internet. These bonding agents promote adhesion of colored top coatings when applied to a properly prepared surface such as a porcelain or tiled fixture. With this advancement, anyone can refinish a bathtub with the use of specially formulated paint kits. There are two types of appication methods available, spray and brush on.

When purchasing a do-it-yourself kit, it is important that the kit include this bonding agent. If not, the coating will tend to peel in a short period of time. Any professional bathtub refinishing company will tell you, preparing the surface and use of a bonding agent is the key to a successful bathtub refinishing job.

Speaking of professional refinishers, keep in mind they are in the business to make money. Do-it-yourself bathtub refinishing kits are in direct competition with the professionals. Refinishers want you to beleive that you cannot do this kind of refinishing on your own. The fact is that tens of thousands of these kits are used every year and with good results.

Purchase a good quality product, follow the directions paying close attention to the preparation of the surface, make sure the kit includes a bonding agent and you will have no problem performing this type of refinishing project.

Stacy Gushi
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