Do You Have the Right Blades for Your Ceiling Fan?

Often overlooked, but one of the most important aspects of the performance and level of comfort in any room is the pitch of the ceiling fan blade. Hardly noticeable to the eye a change of a few degrees can drastically change the airflow produced by a ceiling fan blade. Too steep of pitch and the room may be overwhelmed with the force of the wind or not steep enough and you will barely notice the breeze, even if the speed of the ceiling fan blade is turned to the fastest setting.

Many ceiling fan blades have a pitch of 13 or 14 degrees, which seems to be appropriate for most situations. The extremes of this are low of 11 degrees and up to 22 degrees, with some specialty fans offering even a broader range. There is no absolute right or wrong in picking the degree of your ceiling fan blade, rather it all depends on the location, application and personal preference.

When choosing a ceiling fan most people start with a general style or theme, and then match the ceiling fan blade span to the room size. Last but not least find out the pitch of the ceiling fan blades. If all the above is taken into consideration you will enjoy years of increased comfort and energy savings with your new ceiling fan.

Randy Heslip
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