Dust Off Your Cleaning Supplies and Prepare for the Rite of Spring

(ARA) – Spring cleaning season is here but not everyone is grabbing the mop. According to a recent Web-based survey of 1,000 adults (conducted by TNS *Taylor Nelson Sofres), more than half of the respondents felt spring was the best time of year to clean and organize the home. Yet even with spring in the air, respondents said they have a tough time getting the cleaning started.

Nearly half are so overwhelmed by clutter and the need to replenish cleaning supplies, they often procrastinate or skip cleaning completely. In fact, when asked what was least appealing, 55 percent of the participants answered “cleaning the house,” as compared to a visit to the dentist (25 percent), waiting for a delayed flight (12 percent) and doing yard work (seven percent).

With these results in mind, the cleaning experts at SC Johnson offer simple steps to help you prepare so cleaning will be faster, easier and more enjoyable.

Get Organized Before You Clean:

* Set a Date. Check the calendar and schedule a day to dedicate to spring cleaning.

* Prioritize. Make a list of cleaning priorities, starting with the messiest, dirtiest room in the house.

Create a Cleaning Kit:

The cleaning kit should include tools for a variety of tasks and surfaces such as:

* Rubber gloves

* Pledge Duster Plus

* Garbage bags

* Windex Cleaner and Windex Clean & Shine Dry Microfiber Cloths

* Oust Air Sanitizer

* Toothbrush (for the tough to reach small areas)

* Fantastik Multi-Surface Wipes

* Scrubbing Bubbles Fresh Brush toilet brush

For Easier Cleaning:

* Clean from top to bottom and in one direction. It’s a simple, but helpful fact. If you clean from top to bottom, you won’t have to double back and re-clean dirt that has fallen from surfaces above.

* Lights out. Turn on all the lights in the house and clean one room at a time based on what’s needed. When a room is clean, turn off the light. When you flip the final switch you will feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment.

Get Cleaning:

* When in the kitchen: Remove all items from the refrigerator and scrub it down to eliminate any odor and spills. Be aware of what you are putting back in the refrigerator, and throw away dated items that have been stuck in the back all winter long.

* When in the bathroom: Empty the medicine cabinet and throw out any expired medications. Remember to give the dirty toothbrush holder a good scrub. And scrub and remove the soap scum and mold from the shower curtain/door. If your shower curtain and/or liner cannot be washed, it should be replaced. For ongoing hands-free maintenance, hang the new Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner in your shower. This breakthrough cleaning system automatically sprays cleaner to eliminate the build-up of tough soap scum and mold mildew stains.

* When washing windows: Fix a bottle of Windex Outdoors to the end of the nozzle on your garden hose to clean the exterior windows in your home.

* When in the family room: Organize your children’s toys that have piled up in the corner of the room. Dedicate a bin for each child to keep things neat over time. Once you have put everything away, try using the new Pledge Duster Plus. The fluffy fibers optimize your dust pick-up. And for those bigger dusting jobs, the adjustable handle contains a multi-surface spray cleaner, making it a versatile tool for furniture, electronics and knick-knacks. Remember to dust the blades on ceiling fans too. When you’re done, simply throw away the dust and dirt along with the disposable duster cloth.

Follow these simple preparation and cleaning tips and you’ll cut cleaning time significantly and get more done in the process. For more tips, visit www.cleanhomejournal.com.

Courtesy of ARA Content