Fireplace Cleaning Tips & Advice

How Can I Clean Smoke Stains on Marble?

Start by wetting the stained area, to prevent the dirt being drawn into the marble when it is dissolved. Apply the cleaning solution, working it into the stain with a nylon-bristle brush. Rinse the marble well and dry with a soft cloth. Work up from weaker to stronger treatments:

Here are several options to try:

-Household detergent dissolved in warm, distilled water dilute household bleach

-Solution of 1 part hydrogen peroxide (100 vol.) to 3 parts water

-Baking soda mixed into a paste, which is slightly abrasive

-Do not use vinegar, lemon juice or other acidic solutions as these may damage the marble.

How Can I Clean Rust From Cast Iron?

Use white vinegar on rust to kill it; simply removing it will not do the job and it will return later. Buff with steel wool or a fine grade wire wheel.

Got Any Home Remedies for Cleaning Bricks?

-Make a paste of 1 oz. soap and 1 oz. table salt mixed with enough water to make a cream. Rub onto the stain, dry at least 10 minutes then rub off with a stiff nylon brush or

-Use Spic & Span (which contains a TSP solution) mixed with water. Apply to stain, clean with stiff nylon brush. Repeat as necessary til stain is improved.

How Do I Clean and Restore Slate Surrounds on My Fireplace?

Wash with Spic & Span (which contains a TSP solution), mixed with water. Clean off solution thoroughly. To make it shine, use furniture polish on completely clean slate to restore it to a glossy black finish. Do not use wax, which is affected by heat.

How Can I Clean Rust From Ceramic Tile?

Try Kerosene

How Can I Clean The Glass Doors on My Wood Stove?

Dip a wet paper towel into the ashes from your stove, rub on the glass. This makes a paste, which then must be wiped off with another clean paper towel. Works best on warm (NOT HOT!) glass. If the glass is hot when you try this, you may break the glass from thermal shock.

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