Furniture Quality Custom Kitchens

Custom Kitchen Design is a growing business, but what we see are many cabinetmakers calling themselves custom kitchen designers and builders. That is not to say they are not, just that they build a different level of kitchens. As an interior designer specializing in “furniture kitchens,” I can assure you there is a substantial difference. Furniture kitchens are not for everyone, and typically begin in the $900-$2,000 per linear foot range depending on the intricacies, but the design speaks for itself.

A furniture kitchen does not employ the use of stuck-on features and attached stock mouldings to enhance its architecture. A furniture kitchen features custom bowed islands, radiused ends and doors, hand carved features inherent to each piece, carved structures, one of a kind mouldings and longevity beyond a lifetime. We are speaking of true craftsmanship, and the ability to make any piece, any way you want it. The internal organization employs only the finest of hardware, with the smoothest hand for drawer guides, door closures, and specialty storage. Think of intricate detailing, curves and pieces that seem to flow from one to the other effortlessly. Dream of the use of exotic woods (not just mahogany, cherry or oak).

These types of kitchens are for entertaining and use; they make an architectural statement yet are carefully planned to be livable and functional, while exuding the craftsmanshp of a truly exceptional architectural space.

Essentially, you can categorize your kitchen design budget accordingly:

Low budget: $200-$400 per linear foot Stock cabinetry purchased from a kitchen showroom such as a Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. or built by your local carpenter, low end hardware, drawer guides, painted finish or thin stained finish, melamine or MDF board construction, biscuit joined, finish nailed plywood drawers.

Mid-range budget: $400-$800 per linear foot Nicer kitchens with straight lines, some stock pieces, builder standard mouldings, corbels purchased and attached, stained finishes, builder standard hardware, raised panel construction, plywood drawers, but will still typically see nail holes that have been filled, thin stained or lacquered finishes. Typically limited to local woods.

High-end budget: $800 & up per linear foot Custom planned for every detail, bowed islands, radiused doors, hand carved features, dovetailed joined solid wood drawers, one of a kind mouldings, the finest of hardware, door closures, and specialty storage, intricate detailing with respect to the architecture of the home and owner preferences, any exotic wood or veneer, thick finishes with options for glazing, distressing, antiquing, layered lacquer (contemporary), waxing, or any other finish desired by the client.

About Our Team The design/build team ALG Studio has blended incorporates the talent of an exceptional designer with the expert craftsmanship of two extremely gifted furniture makers to create a product that can be customized to be all your own. We start from scratch on each kitchen project meaning no two kitchens are alike and we cater to the most discriminating of clients. We can plan simply an island, or an entire kitchen.

Alisha L. Gregg
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