Guide To Cat Window Sill

Every house, office or business centres have windows. The purpose of the windows is to let in air and light. But have you ever noticed that it is the different parts put together that make up a window. The windowpane slides within a window frame. The top horizontal part of the frame is called the head and the lower horizontal part of the window frame is called the sill. So you can say that the windowsill is the flat piece of wood, stone or the like at the bottom of the window frame. Every one loves a room with a view, so do the cats.

Do you have cats as pets?

You must have noticed that cats love to look out of windows. They love to be warm. Cat window sills are nothing but window seats for the world’s most pampered feline. Today market is flooded with accessories like soaps, shampoos, combos, bows and ties and also window seats for our feline pet.

The cats love to be off the ground for security and love to be warm. The seats can be fit to the windows with sills or can be adjusted to be fixed to the windows without sills too. The windowsill seats come in different shades and materials. Let’s take a quick look at it.

a) Hammock model is the combination of window perch/sleeping hammock provides security; warmth and curiosity satisfaction perched from watchtower. Movable, it can be relocated to any window or positioned over warm air ducts.

b) Thermo kitty sill is designed specifically to pamper the cat with a thick orthopedic pad. The cover is removable and machine washable too. Thermostat element is buried deep within the orthopedic foam. The heater is removable for year round use.

c) Heated window sill cat bed which is easy to assemble and adjustable to any windowsill. It supports over 40 pounds of weight. The feature is that the bed will remain 12 degrees to 15 degrees above ambient air temperature and warm to 102 degree when in use. Its recommended for year -round indoor use.

Just remember one thing:

Every pet – whether cats or dogs, you can shape and mold its own bed. When you purchase a cat windowsill, buy the one which can be fixed to the window with a sill or without a sill. Also remember to buy one which machine washable without removing the cover.

Masni Rizal Mansor
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