Guide To CD Storage

Your CD collection is your most precious possession. You wouldn’t even think of keeping them loose. Whether it is your cinema CDs or DVDs or those related to work, they are an important aspect of your life, and thus need to be taken care of, properly. Thus it is important that you have a right kind of CD storage cases and cabinets, which properly stores and preserves your CDs. There are many ways in which you can store your CD collection.

CD storage methods

There are many ways in which you can store your CDs. Following are the options that you can choose from –

* CD racks – If you have enough CDs then this is the best option for you. There are many types of racks, made of different materials like wood, wrought iron, silver and stained steel finishes! These racks differ in sizes, but a standard size can occupy roughly 100 CD slots.

* CD cabinets – These are an ideal option, for those who want to store your CDs in a closed, protected environment. They will be protected from dust, moisture and sunlight, and thus damage will be avoided. The cabinets are generally made of wood, and have drawers.

* CD storage cases – CD storage cases are ideal for those who do not have enough space, and want to store the CDs without their covers. Although they offer protection, the disadvantage is that you cannot keep the covers. The CD storage cases come in different materials. You can either buy plastic, cloth or a rich leather finished pouch, which looks very stylish and elegant. Generally the storage capacity of these cases is roughly about 100 to 150 CDs.

Before choosing a storage case, you must keep the following things in mind – 1) Should have a sturdy shell case 2) Easy usability 3) A good quality zipper 4) Inner cloth for extra protection and an outer plastic for the CD cover and/or label.

Keep these things in mind while choosing a CD wallet or case and you will have a protected and durable CD storage experience.

You can log on to the web on any e-commerce website, and order you can choose from a number of types of CD cases, which will be delivered to your door step!

Masni Rizal Mansor
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