Guide To Outdoor Ceiling Fans

Come summer and it is the time for outdoor parties and other outdoor entertainments. But why allow the sultry weather come into your way of fun and enjoyment? Just install an outdoor ceiling fan and watch how it stirs up cool breeze to add up to your comfort at the time of rejoice.

You can install an outdoor ceiling fan in any of the open place of your home; in the porch, in the balcony, in the deck, in the court yard and so on. The only condition is that the place should have a ceiling to get the fan hung from.

Selection of the right kind of outdoor Ceiling fan is really a matter of confusion. The thumb rule is: never compromise with quality for a cheaper version. Always go for the UL rated outdoor ceiling fans only. Because the outdoor ceiling fans are subject to constant exposure to the heat, humidity and wind. Every component of a high quality outdoor ceiling fan is expected to be weather proof including a sealed rust-proof motor, rust-free stainless steel hard wares and zinc coated metals. The blades of your outdoor ceiling fans should be made of plastic or ABS resin instead of normal plywood.

However, the blades made of washable sail cloth stretched over a frame have become very popular for their trendy and vibrant looks. To make your outdoor sessions more sensational, install an outdoor ceiling fan with appropriate lighting fittings, again essentially of an UL rating.

Hunter’s, Casablanca and Fasco are some of the names to be reckoned with who offer an extensive range of international standard outdoor ceiling fans. Depending on their capacity to withstand climatic decay, the outdoor ceiling fans can be divided into two broad types: “damp location” and “wet location”. While damp location fan is suitable for the normal climatic conditions with normal rainfall, the wet location fans are supposed to be installed in the places with more extreme climatic conditions. They are particularly suitable for the areas near sea.

Before venturing into any particular brand of outdoor ceiling fan, do some independent research about the performances and durability, customer satisfaction and complaints about the product. Take notice of the size of the motor and blades, their color and finishing. Check out for the best warranty options. All these information will help you to take an informed decision.

Masni Rizal Mansor
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