Hardwood Floor Refinishing – The Simple Facts!

I don’t know about you but I love polished floorboards. They look so shinny and clean and go with any decor. They are easy to clean and do not house dust like carpet does. Now with saying this it doesn’t mean that you never need to maintain your beautiful floor. Even for the best of us there will come a time for hardwood floor refinishing and that is not something I look forward to at all.

You have to move every piece of furniture out then either hire someone who knows what he is doing or you can yourself sand the floor and revarnish it. This can take a few days and the smell is not so good to live with. But once it has been done you will absolutely love your new floor. Many people do this every year but most like myself wait until it sends me crazy to look at and then I send my husband crazy by nagging him and then we save the money and then we go ahead with some hardwood floor refinishing.

Of course it really does not need to be done every year but I think some people just like it to look one hundred percent all the time. If you have floors like this you can use some mats to break up the space and save some of your floor space from becoming damaged. You can however minimalise damage by not moving furniture around too often or having felt or rubber placed under the legs or feet of your furniture to stop scratching. Try not to have the sun shine too often on your floor as this can discolor and when you want to move some furniture you will see the difference.

Animals can be destructive also as they scratch the boards when they run and slide. Another thing to be wary of is high- healed stilettos. These can dent the boards as well. When you wash your floor make sure you do not use any harsh chemicals or detergents, as this will lift the varnish prematurely. If you use these precautions and take care you will lower the need to do hardwood floor refinishing.

Now you may be thinking wow are floors like these any good. Well I am here to tell you yes they are. Especially if you have an asthmatic in the home. By not having carpet you are lowering dust and dust mites dramatically. This in itself is a great reason to have floors such as these. Plus if you have a home with carpet already and you need a change then it is usually cheaper to pull the carpet up and polish the existing boards underneath.

This type of flooring is also a very natural looking style and gives your home a very warm and comfortable look. Just about any style of decor from classic to contempary will go nicely with polished boards.

Susan Dean
Permission by goarticles.com