Hardwood Floors – Vital Information

These days folks are going in for wooden flooring which is indeed durable, alluring to the eye, and well-known for its adaptability. Quick facts about wooden flooring.

This would indeed suit any style of house. To impart an antique look, flooring of timber finish would be ideal. For a comfortable and warm feeling flooring with a beech finish is ideal.

There are varieties of ways in which hardwood finishing can be provided, and such flooring can survive rough treatment, stains and chemicals.

Red oak is the proffered choice by many for its elegance, durability and cost. Maple is also in demand, second only to red oak. Other woods that are used are bamboo, white oak and other imported woods. Woods are available in varied colors. It is always better to have an insight into this subject of wood and its species, and the different types and styles, before deciding on hardwood flooring.

There exists three prominent categories of hardwood according to which its pricing also varies and these variations in the categories are only in the aesthetic sense. The first, or clear, refers to wood that is free from defects. The second, or select, is wood that has slight variations in color and little imperfections. One with the color variations is the third category wood.

The other parameter on the basis of which you can distinguish hardwood is that it is either in the form of solid or engineered wood. Engineered wood is now much in demand that is also known as pressed wood, is made by joining strands of wood, fibers or veneers with gum. Engineered wood undergoes very little expansion and contraction, and is ideal for rooms that are exposed to moisture, like bathrooms and kitchens.

Solid wood is wood that is acquired from one solid piece of wood. The weakness of using solid hardwood flooring is that it contracts and expands more than engineered wood, and is more exposed to moisture. The solid hardwood floors swell and shrivel, thereby forming gaps.

Hardwood styles that are commonly used are strip, plank and parquet. Planks and strips are long cuts of wood, and the only dissimilarity between the two is the width. Strips can be used to create an effect of larger space. Parquet is when small pieces of wood are joined together to form different patterns in the form of geometric designs.

If you have opted for hardwood then you have to take utmost care of it as it worth it will brings in warmth and beauty but will also last a life span.

Jakob Culver
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