Hot Spring Trend: Bringing the Indoors Out

(ARA) – Bringing the indoors out is the hottest trend in outdoor living this spring. “Outdoor rooms” that emphasize high-end design as well as function are replacing traditional sparely furnished patios and decks.

“Creating an outdoor room is a great way to expand your home’s living space without the cost of an addition,” says Larry Bedosky, director of marketing for Durasol Awnings and an expert on outdoor design. “Today’s consumers are no longer satisfied with a set of aluminum patio furniture and a potted plant or two on their decks or patios. Homeowners are demanding outdoor design elements that really echo the personality of their home.”

The folks at Durasol, America’s leading brand of custom-made, professionally installed retractable awnings offer the following points to consider when creating your outdoor room:

Function – How will you use your outdoor room? Do you plan to entertain large groups outside? Or are you looking for a private oasis where you can have quiet time for yourself and your family? Will you be cooking and/or serving food outdoors? Answering these questions will help you decide what furnishings, flooring and décor will go into your outdoor room.

Furnishings – Choose outdoor furnishings that will complement what’s inside your home. If your taste indoors runs to casual, consider some simple wood furniture with durable, comfy cushions. Wicker can complement a country theme. For more formal effect, consider wrought iron.

Flooring – The amount of traffic your outdoor room will get, as well as your budget, will help determine your flooring. Will your baby be crawling in your outdoor room? Try a durable outdoor carpet. Will still-damp (but hopefully not dripping) swimmers be walking through your outdoor room? You may want to consider something waterproof like tile or natural stone.

Flexibility – Will your outdoor room get enough sun or shade during the day to suit your taste? A motorized retractable awning can offer shade and a true-open air ambiance, while protecting your high-end outdoor room furnishings and décor. With Durasol Retractable Awnings offering more than 200 fabric colors and patterns, and 10 complimentary hardware finishes, it’s possible to create a look that enhances the design of any outdoor room. The technology you use to keep your indoors comfortable also applies to retractable awnings, which can be equipped with remote controls or even sensors that automatically retract or open the awning depending upon sun or wind conditions.

“Retractable awnings are a great fit for the trend towards high-end designer outdoor rooms,” says Bedosky. “They are the perfect marriage of elegance and function that embodies today’s outdoor rooms.”

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Courtesy of ARA Content