How to design your hardwood floor like a professional

The installation of your new hardwood floor is probably the most rewarding remodeling you can do. The floor usually sets a feeling and tone of a room whether as a dominant feature or a neutral setting. The floor adds on a beautiful appearance to a room and its comfort too. Yet above all, the flooring must be practical, durable and fit in with your daily living.

How to choose a wood floor color that’s right for you

Color choices for your hardwood floor are a very important step. In selecting your color, don’t stay with the first one that catches your eye because you probably will find another color you never even thought of. Here are some tips to help you through this process. Look at the color and not the name. Great fancy names can really influence you – more than you would like to admit. Trust instinct, which comes from inside you and greatly reflects a certain color preference. Take a few days to make your final decision on the color. Your hardwood floors are worth it. Break it down to three or four colors and take the sample home. If you are creating a complete d�cor, make sure you compare all the wood samples with paint samples of all your new colors and any upholstery or wall coverings you may have. Check your colors at different times of the day, as light changes throughout the day. Put the samples on the floor and move them around the room to get a good idea of how the color will look.

Designing your hardwood floor theme like a pro

Designing informal and formal theme or any design depends on the utilization of the elements of design. A strong formal look is created with squares, stripes, or lines. A border stenciled on a wood plank floor will look cozy. Curved and floral patterns have the ability to soften colors or maybe even unify your floor space. Your curved patterns also give a sense of motion. You can also change your perception in a room. For example, by extending a linear pattern lengthways in a room, you will give the appearance of the room being longer. If you put the same pattern across the room, the feeling is wider and shorter.

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