How to Protect Your Landscaping and Your Pets with Invisible Fencing

(ARA) – Ever wonder what your cat is thinking about when she sits in the window and stares outside? Perhaps what it would be like to stretch out in the grass on a sunny day; climb a tree; swat a bug or two, or let her instincts take over and stalk that unsuspecting mouse.

Cats are curious creatures that don’t like being cooped up in the house any more than we do. Rather than sitting on the sofa listening to the monotonous ticking of a clock, or the drone of the TV, on a cool fall day your cat would much rather be outside frolicking in the sunshine, chasing after bugs, and watching squirrels play.

But because many pet owners fear what could happen if they let their cats out, most never do. Not only are there natural predators like foxes and coyotes, but there are also free-roaming cats and dogs, fast moving vehicles, as well as a variety of communicable diseases that cats can come in contact with. All are serious risks to domestic cats.

Realizing how dangerous the outdoors can be for cats, Darcy Nelson of Shrewsbury, Vt., used to keep all six of her felines exclusively indoors. That is until one of them managed to escape. “My cats wanted to go out so bad, they were always rushing for the door any time my husband or I would come in or go out. We usually managed to keep them in, but when that one got out, I saw how much fun she was having running around and thought to myself, they all deserve to have the same experience.”

But with restrictions. Because the outdoors aren’t necessarily safe for domesticated cats, the Nelsons decided they’d invest in a cat enclosure for their pets. When Darcy started searching for ideas on how to build one on the internet, she came across everything from chicken wire coops to kitty kennels. “But they were too much like cages,” she says. “I wanted something that would keep them safe, but at the same time enable my cats to have a real outdoor experience.”

She found the ideal solution in Purr…fect Fence, a specialized adaptation of a deer fencing system offered by Benner’s Gardens for protecting gardens and landscaping from hungry deer. Made of high-strength, UV light resistant polypropylene plastic, the material is incredibly strong, but also somewhat flexible. For this reason, most cats don’t even attempt to climb it. Because the mesh grid and support posts are black, the system is all but invisible from as close as twenty feet, thus minimizing visual impact to the property. The Purr…fect Fence system is sold in one hundred linear foot kits that include everything you need to create a comfortable backyard enclosure, including highly specialized “post inserts” that eliminate the need for digging or ladders when installing the posts.

“We got the idea for this specialized fencing from our customers,” says company President Al Benner. “They sent in pictures of how they had adapted our deer fencing to keep their cats within a particular area. We added a few touches of our own, including a special Houdini-Proof arch at the top that can keep even the most agile climbers contained.”

The image the Nelsons sent in is a true testament to how well the fencing works. “One day I was sitting in the backyard with the cats and a deer walked right up to the enclosure,” says Darcy. “The deer, of course, couldn’t get into the yard, so it just kept on going; but you should have seen how excited the cats got when they spotted him. It was fun to see.”

By keeping the deer out, many customers are also finding a reduction in deer tick counts, which in turn helps reduce the threat of Lyme Disease to humans and pets. Of course there is also the added benefit of the elimination of the random piles of deer droppings.

Purr…Fect Fence is available exclusively online direct from the company. Log on to or call (888) 280-4066 for more information or to place an order. To learn more about the deer fencing, visit: or call (800) 753-4660.

Courtesy of ARA Content